Cherene Thomas
Creator and Owner of Defy Gravity Fitness

Tired of the same old boring workout routine? Defy Gravity offers FUN new solutions to get fit with our IN-Studio, LIVE Online & On-Demand classes.

Bungee, Aerial Yoga, Barre/Pilates, Suspension & Bodyweight Fitness for every BODY!

Workout like never before, building strength, flexibility and confidence while achieving feats you never thought possible.

We call it FUN THERAPY!


Defy Gravity Fitness ~ a leap ahead of the rest!

Defy Gravity is a women’s Personal Training & Social Fitness studio in Newcastle (NSW), BUT we take a less conventional approach to regular gyms, fitness centres & boutique studios! We aim to inspire YOU to do the same – to discover NEW ways to move your body that are as FUN and EFFECTIVE as they are ADDICTIVE!

Never tried Bungee, Aerial or Suspension fitness classes before? Get started with one of our introductory courses. Our knowledgeable and supportive coaches will teach you everything you need to know about the FUNdamentals and get you feeling confident.

We BOUNCE, we MOVE, we DANCE, we PLAY, we get FIT, we get STRONG, and we DEFY GRAVITY!

Bungee Fitness is unlike anything you have experienced before, and our fun and unique classes, will give you a very different, and gravity defying fitness experience!



Imagine floating weightless in a hammock, feeling complete freedom in your movement & building strength and flexibility. That’s Defy Gravity Aerial Fitness!



Let’s get moving at HOME or ANYwhere, and have some fun doing it with these fun, social & interactive, 30-45 minute live-stream total body workout parties. BYO Wine or Tipple of Choice 🍷



Purchase your Pre-Paid Basics Class Pass here


Let’s get you moving IN-Studio OR at HOME with POWER BARRE ~ SCULPT

This is Cherene’s proven and highly effective training method to sculpt, tone, lift and transform your body using a series of precise ballet, pilates & yoga inspired movements, and the Power-Pulse. See the results and feel the difference in just WEEKS – not months!

Join us in this fast and effective 30 minute Express class available both IN-Studio and simulcast LIVE Online, and discover the Power of the Barre for yourself.

What some of our students say!

Why You’ll Love Us Too…

There are SOOO many reasons why our students can’t get enough of Defy Gravity. Here are just a few…

  • EXCLUSIVE classes unlike anything you have experienced before
  • Suitable for every BODY – women of ALL ages, sizes and abilities
  • Fitness that’s actually FUN
  • A diverse and vibrant community atmosphere
  • Inclusive, non-judgemental & non-discriminatory environment
  • Registered LGBTQIA+ Safe Space

And of course…

  • Low/No impact classes that deliver results
  • Total body strength and core stability
  • Sculpt, tone and lift your sexiest assets
  • Improve flexibility, mobility and posture
  • Boost your metabolism and burn serious calories
  • Improve your mood and manage stress and anxiety
  • Future-proof your body against ageing and injury

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