2020 Intro Classes


During October – December 2020 we will be offering a range of classes and workshops. These fun, one-of-a-kind classes are unlike anything you have ever experienced before and will give you a very different TOTAL BODY training experience.

KO8 FiiT & Strong (Bungee/Suspension)

This unique strength and conditioning class is guaranteed to challenge your body and mind (in all the best ways) and is a more functional and naturally intuitive way to move your body and strengthen your core (and more)!

We’ll be using one of the most versatile and effective pieces of training equipment around – the multi-dimensional K08 Suspension System. You will have a ton of fun, get a total body workout and we’ll wrap up with a gentle stretch, flex and flow to refocus our minds and stretch our bodies to find complete balance!

The Benefits – expect to build strength, balance, core stability, better co-ordination, improve flexibility and posture, increase bone density and vitality.

KO8 Barre x Pilates (Bungee/Suspension)

We’ve taken the standard Barre x Pilates x Yoga class to WHOLE NEW LEVEL in this fun, challenging and super effective 45 min class, designed to lift, sculpt, tone and strengthen every muscle (even the ones you DIDN’T know you had) so you get you the Arms, Abs and Derrière you’ve dreamed of!

We start out with a warm up followed by a series of Barre + Pilates inspired moves performed with and without the K08 Suspension apparatus to build TOTAL BODY strength. We move, we stretch, we bounce and we work up a healthy sweat – and when we’re done we wrap it up with a gentle yoga inspired stretch, flex and flow sequence to cool down, stretch, refocus and leave the studio on an endorphin high!

We can’t wait to see YOU in a class soon!

We’re operating under a Covid Safe plan. Please read it here!