YOUR MISSION…should you choose to accept it 😁


At Defy Gravity Fitness, our mission is to get more women MOVING, and create STRONG WOMEN who are living their best lives – at ANY age or stage of life!

This 28 Day Strength, Movement & Mobility Challenge is designed to do just that, and is open to EVERYbody and everyBODY – currently enrolled members, previous members and of course brand new members! Ladies of ALL ages, sizes and abilities are encouraged to jump in!

CHALLENGE DATES – 1st August – 28th August 2022


We’re asking you to commit to moving your body for at least 20 minutes a day for 28 days in August! That’s it! Whether that be in a class in the studio, at home, taking a walk, a bike ride, going outside and running around with the kids, roller skating… we’re challenging you to get OFF THE COUCH, and Move Your Body!

Just register for at least 1 x IN-STUDIO class per week AND register for the Challenge at the same time, and consider yourself part of the crew!

You’ll also receive:

  • UNlimited access to our Ellev8 Online Studio, so you can Move at Home in between classes,
  • Receive weekly emails from us with interesting & helpful tips to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility – and
  • No matter WHY you join The Challenge, we’ll be here to cheer you on every step of the way!


NOTHING! NOT A CENT! ZERO! All you need to pay for is your in-studio classes. The rest is “on the house” as they say!

IT’S NOT A COMPETITION – Hmmmm…where have I heard that before? 😂

But seriously, it’s NOT a competition. There is no “Leader Board”. No Winners/Losers. No Prizes! This is YOU -v- YOU, and only you know whether you’re doing the “work”. Only you know how much EFFORT you’re putting in – but we HOPE that whatever you do and take away from this Challenge GET’S YOUR ASS INTO GEAR!

Ready to take the Challenge?

Let’s get this party started!