There was a time when having leisure time despite work was seen as a status! People valued their time – and indeed saved/made time – for their family, friends and hobbies. Those who had time for business AND themselves? Well they were seen almost as Role Models. MY-OH-MY – how times have changed!

Today, people almost brag about how BUSY they are and this busy(ness) is now seen as a badge of honour! But BUSY doesn’t necessarily mean PRODUCTIVE – and braging about not having time to sleep, exercise, spend time with your family, eat properly – well I’m sorry to tell you, but it AIN’T something to be proud of.  It takes a toll on our physical and mental health and of course our relationships. So today I wanted to share  my 3 Tips to STOP Being Busy and Taking Back Your Life >>

I know first hand how BUSYness affects us, and 5 years ago I ended up in a really bad place as a result of it. Massive weight gain, ill health, depression….it wasn’t pretty! But I DID manage to turn it all around, and how I did it is what I’m sharing below…


I consciously disconnected from the digital world for a few hours, and sat down quietly to write a list of what was truly important to ME! This list came from my heart, not my head. It was my Wish List! Once I had it all down on paper, it was time to be brutally honest with myself and shake up everything that I had done and had been prioritising for years. It was time to get them straight and start creating the life I wanted! eg my personal life was broken down into categories such as “self care/me time”, “relationship with husband & family”, “friends & social” etc. Same/same with business. All areas were prioritised.


This took a little time, but was SO worth it! There were a number of things on my list that were at odds with what had been in the past and would therefore require a very different approach for me to make it work. That’s where troubleshooting (lateral thinking) comes in. I explored ways to make these new priorities work FOR me, not AGAINST me. eg I decided I didn’t want to work 60-70 plus hours a week anymore. I felt that 30-40 hours p/week was more than enough. How could I make this happen? The quickest and easiest solution was to STOP WASTING TIME and streamline everything!

  • Get organised and plan how my day looks, what I do and when.
  • Reduce the number of hours I spent checking emails, social media accounts etc.
  • I streamlined the ways that people can get in touch/communicate with me. I am no longer a slave to communications.
  • Delegation is another area that I could reduce my hours. By giving some of the simple day to day tasks to a Virtual Assistant, my time was preserved for more important things. * This one simple action cut my work-a-holic week from 60 plus hours down to a max of 35 hours…giving me at least 25 hours a week for other, higher priority things like me, my husband and family!

Now that I had my new life down on paper, it was time to start working on my physical surroundings….home, office, social media, emails – you name it, I de-cluttered it! Clutter is not only bad for your health, but it’s also bad for prosperity. If you don’t have room to invite new things and new energy into your life, it will pass you by.

I set my “criteria” of what stayed, what went and what got put away and then hooked in! We all accumulate lots of “stuff” over time, and some of this “stuff” may have meant something to us at the time but not necessarily anymore. This is great place to start! Take a look around your home, room by room, be really critical and ask yourself 3 questions…

  • Do you use it?
  • Does it serve you in a positive way?
  • Does it make you happy?

I also forced myself to ditch the “just in case” mentality. If I haven’t used it in 12 months or more it went. If it was broken, it went – if it held negative memories, it went. It didn’t take long to “get into the groove” and before I knew it, there was a huge pile of “stuff” outside ready to ship out! Same with my wardrobe. If I hadn’t worn it in 12 months or more, chances are I wasn’t gong to, so out it went. * I cannot tell you what a great feeling de-cluttering brings. I felt fresh, renewed and ready to invite new “stuff” into my life!

Check out my Cut the Clutter blog post for more tips.

So there are my Top 3 tips to get you on your way to taking back control of your life. There are lots of things you can do to lead the life of YOUR dreams and find peace, balance and harmony in every day. Keep an eye out for other interesting blog posts around this subject.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Feel free to drop any comments below, and…


Until next time ….

<3 Cherene xo

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