The Reiki principles or precepts (Japanese call these gokai, pronounced go-kie) are rules of conduct, which are valuable for teaching you the spiritual discipline of Reiki. They will help you develop and live your daily life in a sensible or suitable way, as well as give you direction for your own spiritual journey.

But you don’t have to be a Reiki Master to benefit from these principles. We can all take some valuable life skills by following these 5 Precepts, which will keep you grounded, less stressed and living in the present moment, as they are only “Just for today”…but of course if you adopt the same principles each and every day, they become a part of who you are and how you act. So what are these 5 Precepts?

  1. Just for today, let go of anger
  2. Just for today, let go of worry
  3. Just for today, honour your parents, teachers and elders
  4. Just for today, earn your living honestly
  5. Just for today, show gratitude to every living thing      

Let go of anger. Anger is a destructive emotion generated when someone or something fails to meet your expectations or if you fail to meet your own expectations.  Because it’s a conscious choice and a response that you have developed, you can choose not to be angry. Develop forgiveness and understanding of yourself and others.

Let go of worry. Worry is caused from fear – fear of your future, fear of the unknown and is another habit that you have developed.  Worrying never achieves or solves anything, so you must learn to let go and to just go with the flow. Calm your fears and develop trust within yourself and others.

Honour your parents, teachers and elders. You should honour and respect everyone in your life, no matter who they are or what role they play in your life.  Everyone in your life is your teacher, because from your soul’s perspective all your experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, contribute to your soul’s growth and development.  Heal past hurts, misunderstandings and also help you to communicate openly with everyone in your life.

Earn your living honestly. You might confuse what you do with who you are and identify yourself with the type of job you have, your prestigious title or position, but all work is of value and to work honestly, you must first be honest with yourself and accept yourself for who you are, not what you do.  Discover your life’s purpose and then you can live doing what you love.

Show gratitude to every living thing. Learn to appreciate the beauty and value of all living things surrounding you and give thanks for these blessings.  Become more aware that all living things are a part of you, you are a part of them and that everything is a part of the universal source.  By being kind to all creatures, plants and the planet, you are being kind to yourself.  Develop an attitude of gratitude and raise your consciousness to connect you to all forms of loving, nurturing living energy.

By living in the present moment and being fully aware of everything going on around you, you have the opportunity to appreciate what you are experiencing at this very moment in time – also referred to as “Living in the Now”.

What else can you do “JUST FOR TODAY” that will simplify/improve your life. I always love to hear from my readers, so drop me a line in the comments below 🙂 – and Just for Today….

Get Your Zen On

Cherene x


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