SELF LOVE – is it a luxury or a necessity? Is it self indulgent or an act of kindness? In my book, it is ABSOLUTELY 100% ESSENTIAL and is and is one of my Non-Negotiables! So what is SELF LOVE? Simply put, it is the act of paying attention to yourself, to your self worth, your sanity, your personal freedom – even if for only 15 – 20 minutes each day….and the benefits and results are well worth it! I’m busy! I work full time, commute to work, have a bunch of kids to look after, a husband, a business to run, emails to answer…. I don’t have time for myself!

My Top 5 Tips to Self Lovin’ in 15 Minutes (or Less)

Time Out! Make a cup of tea, find somewhere quiet where you can just sit in stillness! No emails, no phones – just silence and….BREATHE! Bonus points given for finding somewhere in the sunshine and fresh air!

3 Minute Mini Meditation! Even if you’ve never meditated before, everyone can do a beginner’s meditation. Find somewhere quiet, sit on the floor, a chair, the lounge, outdoors – anywhere and try this Kundalini Beginners Meditation! Close your eyes and place the first three fingers of your right hand on the pulse point in the left hand wrist. Find your pulse and while you breathe deeply in and out repeat quietly to yourself “Sat Nam”. This means Truth Identified in Sanskrit and will allow you to become truly centred – in the moment of NOW! Inhale for a count of 4 and say SAT, then on the exhale say NAM. If Sat Nam isn’t your thing, try repeating Inhale the Good Vibes, Exhale the Bad Vibes! Bonus points given for a 7 minute meditation!

Take a Bath! Run a long hot bath, add a cup of Epsom Salts or Rock Salt, and your favourite fragrant oil. CLOSE THE DOOR, jump in, lie back and chill out! 15-20 minutes in a salt bath does wonders for stress levels – and is a great detox! Bonus Points given if you pull the plug when you’re finished and sit there while the water drains out – visualising all the days troubles swirling down the drain with the water 😉 

Walk or Run! There is NOTHING better than getting outdoors into nature. Whether it be the beach the park or just around the block – the fresh air and solitude does wonders for a stressed and anxious mind and body! Bonus points given if you take the dog!

Phone a Friend! Take 15 minutes out to get a little old fashioned and call someone, just BECAUSE YOU CAN! Not text, email or Facebook them – pick up the phone and CALL! Not only is it a great way to re-connect with people your love, but can often benefit them as much if not more than it benefits you! Bonus points given for calling your Mum or Dad!

I challenge you try at least one of these each day over the next 30 days and see the proof for the yourself that just a little Self Lovin’ really does work wonders!

Have a great weekend beautiful people

<3 Cherene x

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