Many of us would LIKE to be more consistent. I hear it all the time from new students…that they’ve tried getting fitter, stronger, healthier, losing weight etc before, but for one reason or another didn’t stick with it! They struggle with being CONSISTENT – and often it’s not just exercise that’s the problem. But whatever it is, CONSISTENCY is the key that unlocks the rewards, and is really about creating a HABIT that develops through consistency!

So how do you create consistency? I’ve got 5 Tips for you to get you started 👇

1️⃣ It takes around 21 to 30 days to create a habit that sticks, so step 1 is to INVEST 21 DAYS IN YOURSELF. Make a commitment to MAKE TIME for 21 days to create this new habit. From there you can extend it to 60 days, then 90 days, and suddenly… BOOM! You have a new habit!

2️⃣ SET YOUR GOAL! Not a big hairy audacious goal – a REALISTIC one. One that is manageable, measurable & specific! This will keep you focused, on track, and committed. Be specific, eg I’m going to attend “X” number of classes each week, for “Y” 3 Weeks, to achieve “Z” (lose 5kg, feel fitter & stronger, be able to touch my toes…). Then WRITE IT DOWN!

▶︎ Improving your health and fitness doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. This is one of the biggest reasons why around 80% of people who start a workout routine quit during the first month. They walk into a gym and find: No support. No direction. No community. No motivation, which leaves them intimidated, confused, alone, and unsupported. Not exactly a recipe for success and consistency. So my next tip is…

3️⃣ JOIN A GROUP CLASS – either on your own, or bring a friend for added accountability. At Defy Gravity we obsess over creating a welcoming community where our members feel supported and motivated, and constantly working towards their goals…and making every class FUN!

4️⃣ PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR – to make sure your workouts are ingrained in your schedule is to simply put them on the calendar—just as you would any other appointment. If you want to commit to working out 3 days a week, choose the days (eg Mon, Tues, Thurs) BOOK them, and put them in your calendar or phone for a scheduled time. Treat them just as you would any other appointment. If something URGENT comes up, you can always reschedule (though I don’t recommend doing this often). But just as you’d never just skip or forget about an important meeting or your kid’s soccer game, this keeps you from skipping your workout or forgetting to work out altogether.

And lastly…

5️⃣ FUN FACTOR… exercise does NOT have to be hard, gruelling or a miserable experience. Quite the opposite. We are on a mission here at DGF to change this forever and keep exercise fun, exciting, challenging and inspiring! Adding fun to your workouts and enjoying them will drastically increase your chances of creating workout consistency.

So there you have it my friends. 5 ways to BECOME MORE CONSISTENT IN (ALMOST) ANYTHING – exercising, creating a new eating habit, meditation practice or whatever your goal is.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences around this subject, so drop me a line in the comments below – and don’t forget to LIKE, SAVE and SHARE this post. You never know who else might need to hear this.

💜 Cherene xo

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