Of course, an exercise routine should be all-year-round for the best results. But, with its cold temperatures, sometimes wet and miserable days and shorter daylight hours, winter sometimes derails our best intentions to exercise, and hibernating indoors looks appealing.

While there is nothing wrong with some couch time, it should be in moderation, and not replace regular workouts for days, weeks or months at a time.

So why should you start or continue exercising when you simply want to sit by the fire with some hot chocolate, Netflix or a good book? The most obvious reason is if you want to maintain your fitness, there is NO OFF SEASON. But there are lots more very good reasons to start or keep up your exercise routine this winter, and today I’m going to share 8 reasons why you should get started TODAY!

1. Burn more calories – Bonus! With the temperatures being cooler, you can “workout” a little longer and with a little more effort than you would on a hot Summer day, which of course means you’ll burn more calories in the same amount of time.

2. Beat the winter blues – With limited sunshine and shorter daylight hours, depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) increase during winter and affect millions. But research shows that exercise can help improve your mood by releasing a range of feel good hormones like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

3. You’ll have more energy – You’ll banish some of the apathy that winter can bring by getting moving regularly, which multiple studies have shown delivers greater energy.

4. Sleep better – Studies show that people who get 150 minutes of exercise each week sleep significantly better and are more alert during the day. Who couldn’t do with a better night’s sleep?

5. Boost your immune system – Consistent workouts strengthens your immune system, which is particularly important during cold and flu season.

6. Enjoy comfort food – Heavy casseroles, pasta dishes and warm puddings are more popular during the cold weather – plus, we can crave carbohydrates at this time of year. Not necessarily ideal if you’re trying to lose or watch your weight, BUT you can enjoy some guilt-free comfort food, knowing your steady exercise has helped you earn it. Just remember – all things in moderation.

7. Stay Connected – We are social creatures and connection with others enables us to survive and thrive.  Social engagement has benefits to our overall well-being. People who engage in meaningful and productive activities with others tend to live longer, improve their mood, and have a stronger sense of purpose.

8. Be fit and ready for spring – Although it may seem like a long way away right now, in no time at all you’ll be breaking out those shorts and swimsuits. Keeping yourself in shape during winter puts you ahead of the curve and you’ll be ready to bust out those shorts and swimsuits while those who are still waking up from their winter slumber are trying to catch up.

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