Imagine floating weightless in a hammock, feeling complete freedom in your movement, while building incredible total body strength, core stability, improving your flexibility and balance – not to mention feeling CHILLED AF at the end of the class! That’s Defy Gravity’s exclusive style of Aerial Yoga fitness!

Aerial Yoga is suitable for ALL ages, fitness & flexibility levels, and is the perfect compliment to our other gravity defying classes.

Unlike the group fitness classes found in most gyms where anyone can jump in and follow along (think Les Mills & Zumba classes), Defy Gravity small group training classes are structured, instructional and progressive. You will learn how to perform the different moves safely and effectively, PLUS with the guidance of your Instructor we’ll target the 5 core elements of overall health:

  1. Aerobic Training
  2. Strength Training
  3. Core Strength & Conditioning
  4. Balance/Stability Training
  5. Flexibility and Stretching

For the safety and comfort of our students there is a strict weight limit of 100kg for these classes!


Before you jump into one of our Group Aerial Classes, all Beginners need to have completed our 4 Week BASICS Course!

Aerial BASICS – 4 Week Course

Our 4 Week Aerial BASICS course is perfect for first-timers, and is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities. You’ll learn the FUNdamentals of our Aerial Hammock based strength & conditioning classes, defy gravity and have lots of laughs along the way.

  • SUMMER OFFER: JUST $90 (Normally $108.00)
  • Class Duration: 50-55 minutes
  • Pre-paid bookings absolutely essential


Just want to “Test Drive” an Aerial Class? No worries! Check out our Aerial & Bubbles Play & Sip Experiences here!

See what to expect in a Defy Gravity Aerial Yoga/Fitness class here…


Once you’ve completed the Beginner pre-requisites above, you’ll be ready for more Aerial FUN 👇

Aerial Yoga Fitness

This Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility based class using traditional yoga, barre, pilates, strength, bodyweight as well as flexibility and mobility moves whilst supported by the aerial hammock. It is what is classified as a grounded aerial “work”out, which is what makes it so perfect and achievable for almost EVERYbody – ALL ages, fitness & flexibility levels, and is the perfect compliment to our Bungee and Barre-Pilates classes.

Class Duration: 50-55 minutes

Aerial Yoga Fit & Flexy

Incorporating elements from traditional floor based yoga and aerial arts, our Fit & Flexy classes provide a whole body workout sure to develop your flexibility, release muscular tension and provide greater mobility and agility, while also having fun and realigning you from the compression of gravity!

Class Duration: 50-55 minutes

** These is NOT an aerial tricks class – ie there is NO flipping, flying or dropping, which are more traditionally Aerial Silks/Acro based skills. If it’s the tricks you’re after CLICK HERE

What to wear in an Aerial class –

Please wear long or 3/4 length leggings with a snugg’ish fitting t-shirt. Nothing too big that you can get tangled up in. As we will be doing inversions, please wear a suitable sports bra or crop top, so as to avoid wardrobe malfunctions 😉 This is a barefoot class, so please wear socks or grip socks.

** We do not recommend shorts or bike pants for Aerial as you can get “silk burn” .

To protect the hammocks Jewellery and Watches are forbidden in the hammocks. If you wish to wear a smart watch or fit-bit, please ensure it securely covered by a soft wrist/sweat band.