At some point in our lives, we start to notice little things starting to change: a new wrinkle, a sag, body aches and pains, healing from a tiny knick takes longer, clothing that’s slightly harder to zip – and the thought of ageing creeps into our mind, hitting us like a ton of bricks…

I’ll let you in on a little secret – getting older is mandatory – but deterioration is entirely optional.

WHAT IF I told you, it’s totally possible to –
  • Break your own age barrier
  • Live a long, healthy and youthful life
  • Stay vital, active and strong
  • Actively engage in extending your own life
WHAT IF you could write a new story for yourself, and defy the generally accepted narrative around “ageing”!

Since my 20’s, I’ve had an aversion to ageing. Being a “late in life” baby born back in the 60’s to a 42 yo mother and 46 yo father – with 2 brothers aged 17 & 19, EVERYONE in my immediate family was “old” and most of my grandparents had already passed away by the time I arrived. I watched my mother ALLOW herself to pre-maturely age. I watched my father start going downhill very quickly after retiring at the age of 60 and pass away at the much too young age of 64 (I was not quite 21).

Since that time I have been quite vocal that I will NOT allow that to happen to me – that I will go down kicking and screaming all the way! At the age of 41 I learned to Pole Dance, and a year later established my own ladies Pole & Aerial Fitness studio teaching other women how to have fun, get fit, develop more body confidence, and enjoy a sense of community (it was like secret women’s business – “what happens at the studio, stays at the studio”). In the years that followed I signed up for a number of other health and wellness courses, and by the time I turned 50 I was a fully qualified Holistic Health, Nutrition & Wellness practitioner, Fitness professional and Life Coach.

Cherene – aged 55

I’m on a mission to help my clients experience the truth I’ve discovered for myself – that…

it IS possible to write a new story for yourself & defy the effects & limitations of AGEing, to become AgeLESS

Now here we are in my late 50’s, when most of my friends already have or are approaching retirement, and I’m still here doing my thing – with ZERO INTENTION of retiring anytime soon.

Here’s what I know about the Art (and Science) of becoming AgeLESS!

We CAN break through the limitations of ageing, and radically improve the quality of our life by addressing three (3) key areas –

  1. NUTRITION – FUEL your body the right way
  2. MOVEMENT – MOVE your body in ways that move you
  3. MINDSET – THINK about the thoughts and beliefs that shape your habits

By strengthening these 3 areas, we can decelerate and even REVERSE ageing (5, 10, even as much as 20 years!) – naturally, simply and beautifully when we understand how our bodies work and how to care for them through the various ages and stages of life.

How we age is 20% genetic and 80% by our own choices (nutrition, movement and mindset). Living a youthful, vital life means taking personal responsibility for our health and life by learning what we can do to slow the hands of time, and not giving up our future to an aged care system that no longer operates with our best interests in mind.

BUT, let me be clear about one thing: I don’t deny my 57 years, but I don’t focus on the numbers on my birth certificate. It isn’t about trying to help you look and act like a 20-year-old again. It IS about wrapping all the wisdom we’ve gained over the years into an active, vital, beautiful being, and keeping our bodies as free from sickness and chronic disease as possible.

It doesn’t matter what age you are NOW (in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond) – it is NEVER TOO EARLY OR TOO LATE TO START! I offer personal coaching to help you maintain (or reignite) your spark – either 1:1 or small group coaching. I also offer DIY health and lifestyle online programs. These are not geared specifically towards Longevity, but do offer a LOT of useful information that will get you started.

Interested to find out more? Contact me to arrange a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute consultation and let’s chat!