Both Barre and Pilates have been commonly referred to as the fastest way to change your body shape, and trust us – after 12 years teaching Barre/Pilates I know this to be ABSOLUTE FACT!

The smaller, slower, precise movements isolate muscle groups to give you all the challenge you’re body needs, but without the side effects of high-impact exercise. Our classes are ZERO IMPACT, tough on muscles, but kind on joints! A workout you can do at any age, and with low risk of injury.

We’re a bit obsessed with BARRE and PILATES and of course BUNGEE and AERIAL – so we decided to bring our passion for ALL of them into our new Aerial Barre x Pilates and Bungee Pilates Bar classes to bring you a FUN, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT workout with all the benefits of barre and pilates coupled with the bonus challenge of Aerial and Bungee. In short – we fuse the best parts of ballet barre, pilates and dynamic flexibility with Aerial and Bungee for a truly UNIQUE & FUN EXPERIENCE. 

Whether you’ve never tried a Barre or Pilates class before OR already have but found it a little “sedate” OR maybe you’re already a Barre/Pilates convert but are ready to spice it up a little….then Defy Gravity AERIAL Barre/Pilates or BUNGEE Pilates Bar classes are just what you need!


This class runs in a similar style to a Power Barre class, but rather than using a Barre or Chair, you’ll be using an Aerial Hammock which will make sure you get a top to toe session that will leave you feeling lengthened, strengthened toned and totally refreshed after the essential Aerial Zen session in the hammock. 

Don’t worry if you have 2 left feet or zero Aerial or Pilates experience. You dint need any experience to join an Aerial or Bungee Barre x Pilates class. Make sure you bring some grip socks, plenty of water, an open mind and a sense of adventure.