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Bungee/Suspension Fitness – what the???

The term “bungee” automatically conjures up visions of dare devils jumping off tall bridges and swinging upside down by your ankles. But rest assured, none of that is involved in a Bungee workout…daredevils, you’ll have to get your thrills elsewhere.

5-HTP – and 5 Science Backed Benefits of Using It

Back in 2011 I was feeling flat! Like my mojo had gone MIA. I instinctively knew that my body was lacking certain nutrients, and after speaking with a Naturopath friend of mine about the possibilities, she suggested that I look into a range of supplements. One of which was 5-HTP!


WEEKNIGHT DINNER INSPIRATION One thing I will never say “no” to is prawns – and zucchini comes a close second – so this quick and easy meal ticks ALL the boxes for me 🙂 Prep: 20 MINUTES Cook: 10 MINUTES Serves: 4


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