Bungee Fitness

Bungee Fitness is unlike any fitness class you may have experienced before, and these classes are NOT like classes you’ll find in gyms and boutique studios where you just jump in and try to follow along!

Defy Gravity classes/courses are INSTRUCTIONAL and/or PROGRESSIVE – eg. in Bungee FUNdamentals you will learn how to perform around 30 different moves, PLUS you’ll be working on correct form and building total body strength, flexibility and mobility to ensure you can execute them safely and effectively so you are ready to move forward to the next level of classes. For this reason most classes run as 8 week courses and are not available as casuals or to 1-off visitors.

Classes are open to ladies aged 18 – 80+ of ALL sizes and abilities – even those with some limitations or carrying a bit more weight than they’d like. Teens between the ages of 16 – 18 years of age are permitted in a class with a parent or 18+ guardian who is also enrolled in the same class. Sorry, anyone under the age of 16 is unable to attend our group classes. There is no upper limit on age!

Get ready to strap in and Defy Age, Limitations – and GRAVITY…

Taster & Casual Classes

As our Beginner Bungee classes are highly instructional and in such high demand (normally booked out), we DO NOT offer 1-Off Casual or Trial/Taster places in our group classes. MOST students just sign up for the our 8 Week FUNdamentals course to get the full experience.

For those who are really unsure, you can book a Private 1:1 lesson or group session to try it out OR keep an eye out for an upcoming Taster class which normally run once a term.


Bungee Fitness Classes

(for ladies under 100kg)

Our FUN and EXCLUSIVE Bungee classes will give you a very different TOTAL BODY workout experience and incorporate years of Cherene’s own training & teaching experience in anti-gravity fitness solutions. Through detailed instruction and guidance, our Bungee, Fitness classes get serious results – and add a seriously fun twist to your workout!

  • 45 Min Classes
  • $198 p/term – OR – $180 for 1st Time students

Please Note: Bungee classes are not suitable for pregnant women.

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bungee fitness; aerial; classes; defy gravity; newcastle

Bungee PLUS (for fuller figures)

Bungee PLUS is an exclusive 8 week speciality small group personal training program for our heavier clients (100kg plus). The program has been carefully and thoughtfully designed with the unique needs of larger bodies in mind and is specifically for those who want and are committed to losing weight, getting fitter and healthier – but want to have FUN doing it!

You will need to have completed at least 4 Private Training sessions in Plus FUNdamentals, before being able to join a PLUS FiiT class! Please contact Cherene for more details!

bungee fitness; aerial; classes; defy gravity; newcastle

We can’t wait to see YOU in a class soon!

bungee fitness; aerial; classes; defy gravity; newcastle

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