For the safety of our students and staff, there is a strict weight limit of 100kg in our Bungee classes.

Bungee Harnesses come in set sizes, so please make sure they will fit you before signing up for classes.

Harnesses are slip on, and the harness has to get past your thighs before it gets to your waist.

Small110 cm75 cm
Med > Large125 cm90 cm

Bungee Fitness is unlike any form of fitness you may have experienced before, and is NOT like any other class or training you’ll find in standard gyms and boutique fitness studios.

Unlike most other group fitness classes found in most gyms where anyone can jump in and follow along, Defy Gravity small group training classes are structured, instructional and progressive. You will learn how to perform the different moves safely and effectively, PLUS with the guidance of your Instructor we’ll target the 5 core elements of overall health:

  1. Aerobic Training
  2. Strength Training
  3. Core Strength & Conditioning
  4. Balance/Stability Training
  5. Flexibility and Stretching

For the safety and comfort of our students there is a strict weight limit of 100kg for these classes!


Before you jump head first into our Small Group Classes, all new Beginners need to have completed our 4 Week BUNGEE BASICS Course!

Bungee BASICS – 4 Week Course

Our Bungee Basics course is perfect for first-timers, and is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

In these classes you’ll learn the basics of Bungee & Suspension fitness – how to put on your harness and become familiar with essential bungee safety to ensure you are well-prepared to workout feeling secure and confident – and of course you’ll learn lots of bungee moves, leaps, spins and slides. You’ll also get a total body strength and conditioning workout, some cardio, defy gravity and have lots of laughs along the way.

  • Class Duration: 50-55 minutes
  • Summer Offer: JUST $90 (Normally $108.00)
  • Pre-paid bookings absolutely essential


Just want to “Test Drive” a 1-Off Bungee Class? Check out our Bungee & Bubbles Play & Sip Experiences here!

Find out what to expect in your first BUNGEE FITNESS class 👇

Once you’ve completed the Beginner pre-requisites above, you’ll be ready for more Bungee FUN 👇

Bungee AMPL-IFLYLight Intensity

Once you’ve completed the FUNdamentals and/or Basics course, your ready to AMPLIFLY skills (and fitness) up a notch in this light intensity Intermediate level class – a fun and challenging bungee assisted TOTAL BODY workout which incorporates moves you’ve already learnt, some more advanced variations and an introduction to our exclusive KO8 Bungee/Suspension equipment. 

Class Duration: 50-55 minutes

BUNGEE INTENS-IFLY (previously MOVEstrong)

This dynamic bungee assisted and resisted class is light to medium pace and flows from strength, conditioning and flexibility to mobility training and dynamic flows, and will challenge every inch of your body. This is where Bungee meets Power Yoga, Pilates and Functional training collide!

Class Duration: 50-55 minutes

What do our clients think?

Here’s what Carra has to say…
“I have just completed the FUNdamentals course to test this new craze of exercise. Well OMG this is totally awesome. The moves you learn and accomplish are amazingly mind blowing! What you can do attached to a bungee cord!!! Yes you do work up a sweat! If you don’t then your not enjoying it enough. This was sooo much fun, I really enjoyed my class and class mates. Cherene is a fantastic instructor & I highly recommend her business. I give a rating 5 stars out of 5!!!”
~ Carra K

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