Bungee Fitness Classes


Either full length or 3/4 Leggings or Bike Shorts is the best. Short shorts (like we wear for pole dancing) are not great for these classes – and just make sure whatever you wear is snug fitting so there are no wardrobe malfunctions during class. On the top a singlet top or short sleeve t-shirt – and crop tops are totally acceptable in my classes (you’re going to get a bit sweaty). As we will be doing inversions, please wear a suitable sports bra or crop top, so as to avoid wardrobe malfunctions 😉

Footwear – for Bungee classes you’ll be best off with some soft, flexible shoes (I love my Skechers).


Bungee Fitness is unlike any form of fitness you may have experienced before, and these classes are NOT like any other class you’ll find in standard gyms and fitness studios.

Unlike most other fitness classes where you just jump in and TRY to follow along, Defy Gravity classes/courses are INSTRUCTIONAL and/or PROGRESSIVE. You will learn how to perform the different moves safely and effectively, PLUS you’ll work on building total body strength, flexibility and mobility to ensure you can execute them properly.

These are not the kind of classes where you can just drop into every so often like you would with Zumba, Yoga, Mat Pilates etc, and for this reason our MOST of our classes run as 8 week courses.

We have been working on DROP-IN options, and these will be available from June 2021 – but you MUST have completed at least our 4 week Bungee Basics mini-course OR 2 x Bungee private lessons before diving head first into Drop-In classes.
Our standard Bungee Fitness classes are for ladies UNDER 100kg. OVER 100kg? No worries! Contact us to find out how you can get in on the action too!

Bungee BASICS – 4 Week Intro

It all starts here, with the FUNdamentals! Our Bungee Basics course is mandatory for EVERY student before you undertake any other bungee fitness class. It’s perfect for first-timers, and is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

In these classes you’ll learn the basics – from how to put on your bungee harness and become familiar with essential bungee safety to ensure you are well-prepared to workout feeling secure and confident – and of course you’ll learn lots of bungee moves, leaps, spins and slides. You’ll get a total body strength and conditioning workout, some cardio, defy gravity and have lots of laughs along the way. We’ll wrap the class up with a gentle stretch, flex and flow and you’ll leave the studio feeling a million bucks!

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Open Bungee FiT (Int 1)

Once you’ve completed the FUNdamentals, your ready to take skills (and fitness) up a notch in BUNGEE FiiT – a fun and challenging bungee assisted TOTAL BODY workout which incorporates moves you’ve already learnt, some more advanced variations and an introduction to our exclusive KO8 Bungee/Suspension equipment. 

This gentle, lite to medium-paced class combines Cardio/Fat Burning, Strength & Resistance, Mobility, Agility, Balance….and of course FUN – coz we wouldn’t have it any other way!

BUNGEE PLUS FiT – Plus sized students

Once you’ve completed the FUNdamentals, it’s time to take it up a notch with this fun and challenging workout that incorporates all the moves you’ve already learnt plus a few new ones! Bungee FiiT is an action packed, medium-paced class where you can expect some fun new tricks, as well as total body strength & conditioning, cardio fat burning workout and a little acro. 

In short… expect the UNexpected 🙂 


BUNGEE MOVEstrong 2 – Medium paced

Be ready to feel the heat in this full body workout! Be ready to be challenge your endurance, strength, stability & more. Introducing MOVEstrong!

This dynamic bungee assisted class is medium paced and flows from intense cardio, to strength and resistance training, functional movements and dynamic flows, and will challenge every inch of your body. This is where bungee, power yoga, callisthenics, acro and functional training collide!

What do our clients think?

Here’s what Carra has to say…
“I have just completed the FUNdamentals course to test this new craze of exercise. Well OMG this is totally awesome. The moves you learn and accomplish are amazingly mind blowing! What you can do attached to a bungee cord!!! Yes you do work up a sweat! If you don’t then your not enjoying it enough. This was sooo much fun, I really enjoyed my class and class mates. Cherene is a fantastic instructor & I highly recommend her business. I give a rating 5 stars out of 5!!!”
~ Carra K

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