Bungee PLUS Classes

PLUS is specifically for those who want and are committed to losing weight and getting fitter and healthier – BUT want to HAVE FUN doing it!

With a maximum of 5 people per group, you’ll enjoy a more personalised and targeted Total Body workout that’s also going to burn some serious calories and ramp up your metabolism – but you won’t even notice while you bounce around, defying gravity and performing moves you never dreamed possible! All this while laughing and having fun with an awesome group of people with the same goals and motivation as you!

Bungee PLUS is an exclusive 8 week small group training program unlike ANYthing you may have seen or experienced before.
It is a speciality program for plus sized clients (90kg plus) and has been carefully and thoughtfully designed with the unique needs of more cuddly ladies in mind.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is over 90kg (max weight of 130kg)
  • Anyone who wants/needs & is committed to losing weight, getting fitter & healthier & HAVING FUN doing it!
  • Anyone who wants to GET MOVING in a way that is safe, kind to the joints and FUN!
  • Anyone who is over walking miles, swimming laps and doing countless hours of cardio in the gym and NOT getting the results they want!

What the program includes

  • 1 Bungee PLUS class p/week for 8 weeks which incorporates both Bungee and KO8 Suspension training to provide you with a fun, challenging but manageable workout,
  • Cherene’s proven RE-BOOT weight loss and lifestyle program with helpful nutrition information, meal plan ideas and much more, PLUS
  • Homework for in between classes that include quick, easy and fun “workouts” you can do at home or anywhere, and little challenges to keep you motivated, inspired and moving forward.

What it costs

  • $269 – OR – $235 for 1st Timers (that’s one week FREE) – OR
  • $100 deposit, with the balance due before your first class.

PLUS FUNdamentals – Beginners

It all starts here in our Beginner level FUNdamentals course. In these classes you’ll learn al the, well FUNdamentals – from how to put on your bungee harness and become familiar with essential bungee safety to ensure you are well-prepared to workout feeling secure and confident – and of course you’ll learn lots of very cool bungee moves, lifts and jumps, get a total body strength and conditioning workout, some gravity defying cardio, and of course have lots of laughs along the way. We’ll wrap the class up with a gentle stretch, flex and flow and you’ll leave the studio feeling a million bucks!

PLUS Dance/FiiT – Intermediate/Open

Once you’ve completed our PLUS FUNdamentals course, it’s time to take it up a notch with this fun and challenging workout that incorporates both beginner and intermediate moves. This is a medium-paced class where you can expect some fun new tricks, a total body strength, conditioning and some dance based cardio (fat burning) workout.

What do our PLUS clients think?

“I’ve had a love/hate relationship with exercise for most of my adult life, not just because I’ve felt too heavy/short/weak/slow/unco to keep up with my peers, but I’ve generally felt like an alien amongst perceived sporty types because I just don’t get how people can be so *comfortable/confident* whilst moving around in the world.
In the latest of attempts at finding some kind of physical activity that is fun and encourages me to focus on what my body CAN do (as opposed to obsessing over what it cannot), I tried a #bungeeFitness class with @defygravity.fitness earlier today.
That’s me on the left, getting minor air in the midst of launching a high five at someone I’d only just met twenty or so minutes prior. To say I’m chuffed with this photo is an understatement!”
~ Ange C

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