The term “bungee” automatically conjures up visions of dare devils jumping off tall bridges and swinging upside down by your ankles. But rest assured, none of that is involved in a Bungee workout…daredevils, you’ll have to get your thrills elsewhere.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, leaping, and dancing in the air, or working in harmony with the forces of nature to sculpt a fitter, leaner physique then Bungee Fitness could be just the ticket – and your ideal path to defying limitations, age, fears and gravity – AND achieving your ultimate fitness goals. A bungee workout is a perfect alternative to the sometimes monotonous world of traditional fitness and can have you rocking a challenging exercise routine, gracefully defying gravity, AND having the time of your life.

What is Bungee Fitness?

A bungee workout is a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT that will engage every muscle in your body, and is designed to build strength, balance, core stability, and better co-ordination, improve flexibility and posture, increase bone density and vitality – oh and it burns loads of calories.

The Bungee cord reduces the load rate by between 50-70% making it gentler on the body’s joints and gives just enough resistance to keep your muscles working, along with an element of playfulness that keeps you interested and engaged. With the bungee harness and cord as your apparatus, you can re-imagine many elements of barre, pilates, yoga, pole dance, and aerial – not to mention good old-fashioned aerobics… Jane Fonda workout anyone? The Bungee also makes many mid-air moves and poses that may have been previously impossible to perform (think handstands, forearm stands, side flips and the like) suddenly possible.

The exhilaration of bungee extends into many forms of movement. You can bounce, leap, fly and even flip around in the apparatus. A typical bungee workout is a full-body experience and might include things like squats, pushups, lunges, and much more as well as the fun stuff. The high-intensity, low-impact workout will increase your endurance and definitely take you out of your comfort zone in a good way!

Bungee fitness is a relatively recent addition to the world of aerial fitness (it is technically a form of grounded fitness) and it’s easy to see why it’s so compelling. Tethered to an elastic bungee cord , you can perform all kinds of tricks and aerobic exercises that tone, strengthen, inspire and builds self confidence, and is accessible to almost everyone!

Who is it for?

In a single word – EVERY BODY! People of ALL ages, sizes and fitness abilities can enjoy Bungee/Suspension Fitness! These classes are particularly beneficial for those who haven’t exercised for a while, older adults, those carrying a bit of extra weight, and anyone getting back into exercise after an injury or illness (Dr’s clearance recommended of course), people with arthritis, hip and knee replacements etc will be sure to discover a a new world of movement on the bungee cord.

Bungee fitness may be a new kid on the block to the aerial fitness world, but it has so much to offer to so many people. As a creative adaptation of exercise, circus arts, and bungee jumping, you can discover new ways to move, interact, express, or even tell a story while you’re attached to the bungee.

Types of Bungees

There are a types Bungee/Suspension harnesses and cords and how they can be attached –

  • KO8 double point that can be hand held OR harnessed around the shoulders or tops of legs
  • Single point harness with a bungee cord attached behind your back
  • Double point harness with bungee cords attached on each side

At Defy Gravity Fitness studio, we use the first two and what we use is determined by the type of class we’re doing.

As with so many forms of creative movement, and especially in the aerial arts, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bungee fitness. If you take a class, you’ll likely first take some time to become acquainted with the apparatus. Simple bounces, strength work and aerobic movements, push-ups, lunges, and dance moves – and then, when you’re ready, you can learn how to do 1 finger push ups, leaps into the air and dive to the floor… all done safely!


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