Burlesque x Barre Dance/Fitness

When people hear the word Burlesque they often (wrongly) assume it’s a form of strip tease. While there is an element of “tease”, there doesn’t have to be the “strip” – and there is SO much more to Burlesque.

Defy Gravity’s Burlesque FUNdamentals classes are designed to get you in great shape and unleash the sexy, confident, proud, happy and beautiful woman inside of you!

Join us and explore in the playground of possibility!

ALL Bodies are Burlesque Bodies… so stop apologising & start celebrating what you’ve got!

  • You’re never too young or too old.
  • You’re never too slim or too curvy – and
  • You’re never too unfit, inflexible or un-coordinated.
  • You’re never TOO any thing!
What to Expect

Burlesque FUNdamentals is the perfect muscle toning, body shaping and heart pumping workout, where you can expect to train like a dancer/showgirl! The class kicks off with a series of warm up stretches and cardio. You’ll learn many of the key Vintage Burlesque/Showgirl inspired moves, we’ll add in a little Barre work AND put it all together in a fun and unique dance/fitness “work”out.

Burlesque is, and always has been a growing and ever evolving dance style, so each term we’ll play with different era’s/styles of Burlesque… think the Roaring 20’s Gatsby/Charlston era, the 30 & 40’s Ziegfield Follies and more!

So get ready to Bump, Grind, Shimmy & Shake your way to a Fitter, Sexier YOU!

What to Wear & Bring to a Burlesque Class
  • Yoga/workout wear – leggings, crop top and/or snug fitting top
  • High heels (which are worn for most of the class)
  • Yoga mat, towel and bottle of water
High Heels?

YEP! This is a heels workout! Wearing high (or even low) heels changes the way we stand, walk, balance and carry ourselves (all in a good way) – and, to be totally honest, they make everyone’s legs and ass look incredible. They don’t have to be sky-high heels, but stiletto’s or pumps are best. Wedges and joggers are really not suitable! If you are really phobic about wearing heels, bare feet are your best option…although we DO encourage you to give heels a go.

The Physical & Mental Benefits of Burlesque
  • When was the last time you tried something for the first time? You might feel a little nervous about taking a burlesque dance class because you’re not a professional dancer, or think you have 2 left feet, or you have no intention of taking your gear off – and that’s perfectly okay! It’s is all about the experience of trying your hand at something you’ve never done before. 
    • Just to be clear – we WON’T be taking our gear off in class
  • One of the things I love about burlesque is its INCLUSIVENESS. It doesn’t put a limit on one’s body type. In fact, it encourages EVERYone to love their body and embrace it wholeheartedly. If you’ve suffered from a lack of confidence or body image issues, burlesque is a great option for you. Whether you’ve always felt comfortable in a bathing suit or if you were the type of girl who never dared to wear a bikini, Burlesque can help you build confidence in yourself and your body!   
  • You’ll Feel Sexier in Your Own Skin. If you’ve always struggled with feeling sexy, Burlesque can help improve that part of your personality. Burlesque helps you embrace your inner sex goddess
  • We all could use a little confidence boost, right? So why not have a little fun with it too. Taking a burlesque dance class can do just that. There’s something about the moves that you learn that puts a little a pep to your step and makes you feel like you can conquer the world.
  • It’s low impact (ie there’s no jumping or leaping). It’s a great cardio workout where you’ll sweat, burn calories and build endurance – AND it’s a great muscle toning, body shaping workout. Since you’ll be dancing in heels, your legs, butt and those all important core muscles will get a great workout, and working with props like a chair or a dance pole also helps strengthen your upper body. Oh – and it’s also great for improving stability and balance!

These are just some of the reasons why every woman should try burlesque dance at least once. Although the health benefits are a great reason to give Burlesque a go, it’s also about having FUN and loving your body just as it is!

A total body, dance based “work”out – all while learning some sexy dance moves and having lots of laughs with the girls?