Choosing an Oil Brand

You’re probably wondering, “What are the best essential oil brands”? Who should you buy your essential oils from and why? What should you look out for?

The essential oils industry is not regulated by the FDA (US) or TGA (Australia), making comparison shopping quite difficult. Some essential oil brands use certain terminologies, others use different names for the same thing. If you’re just starting to search for a good essential oil company, you’re bound to come across a whole bunch of brand names and reviews – and for the uninitiated, a whole lot of confusion!

I’ve been practising Aromatherapy since the mid 1990’s, and over the years have used and tried several different brands. Some have been good, and others missed the mark totally.
Here’s what I look for in a high quality Essential Oil brand –
  • Are the essential oils sold 100% pure, without chemical fillers, additives or synthetics?
  • Where are the oils sourced and is there anything especially noteworthy about the company/supplier/distiller relationship?
  • Does the company send their oils to independent 3rd party testing, and do they make test results easily available to the consumer?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company also offer related aromatherapy products for sale?
  • How accessible is the company’s customer service?
  • What price range are the essential oils sold at (keeping in mind that you get what you pay for)

And that’s why ultimately I chose to partner with doTERRA! Their oils, blends, supplements, associate products and customer service tick ALL the boxes. Their oils are some of the purest I have found, AND it is a brand that I TRUST enough to use some oils internally.

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