Class Descriptions


You DON’T need to be fit to get started – but you need to START to get fit!

Bungee Fitness is a “grounded aerial” class, where you’ll be strapped into a specialised harness and attached to bungee cord, but still be able to touch the ground. The bungee cord gives you the buoyancy to perform moves you might not otherwise be able to perform without assistance – all with no pain on the joints! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, or what shape you are currently in, the principles work the same for all body types. More than one slightly skeptical student has been BLOWN AWAY at what they could do with the assistance of the bungee.

So get ready to strap in and take flight…


We run Taster Classes once a month, for people wanting to “try out” a class on a 1 Off basis! As our group class sizes are quite small (and more often than not, fully booked), we do not offer 1-Off Casual or Trial places in our group classes. Check here for upcoming Taster dates.

Bungee FUNdamentals – it all starts here!

It is mandatory that every student go through our Bungee FUNdamentals classes before you undertaking any other bungee fitness class. It’s perfect for first-timers and beginners and is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

In these classes you’ll learn the basics – from how to put on your bungee harness and become familiar with essential bungee safety to ensure you are well-prepared to workout feeling secure and confident. You’ll learn lots of bungee moves, lifts and jumps, get a total body strength and conditioning workout, a little cardio, defy gravity and have lots of laughs along the way. We’ll wrap the class up with a gentle stretch, flex and flow and you’ll leave the studio feeling a million bucks!

Please Note: Bungee classes are not suitable for pregnant women.

Bungee FiiT – Level 1>2

Now that you’ve completed the FUNdamentals, it’s time to take it up a notch with this fun and challenging workout that incorporates both beginner and intermediate moves. Bungee FiiT is a medium-paced class where you can expect some fun new tricks, a total body strength, conditioning and a dance based cardio fat burning workout.

Please Note: Bungee classes are not suitable for pregnant women.

  • For the safety and comfort of our students there is a max weight capacity of 90kg in our general group classes. If you are heavier than 90Kg, please check out our Bungee PLUS class programs which have been carefully created with Plus sized students in mind.

Bungee PLUS – for plus sized clients

Bungee PLUS is a 8 week speciality small group personal training program for our plus sized clients (90kg plus) and has been carefully and thoughtfully designed with the unique needs of larger bodies in mind. It is specifically for those who want and are committed to losing weight, getting fitter and healthier – but want to HAVE FUN doing it!

With a maximum of 5 people per group, you’ll enjoy a more personalised and targeted Total Body workout that’s also going to burn some serious calories and ramp up your metabolism – but you won’t even notice while you bounce around, defying gravity and performing moves you never dreamed possible! All this while laughing and having fun with an awesome group of people with the same goals and motivation as you!

Find out more about Bungee PLUS and here >>

Stretch & Flex – for everyone

Our Stretch, Flex & Restore class and has always been super popular in my studios. This is a beautiful Yin Yoga & Stretch/Flex inspired class designed to improve flexibility, mobility, and body awareness, as well as calm your mind and have you floating out the door feeling AHH-mazing!

Who it IS for: People of ALL ages, sizes and fitness abilities!

  • 45 Min Class
  • $180 p/term

We can’t wait to see YOU in a class soon!

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