This is the final tip of Eat Smart week – and Tip #7 is not just about eating smart, but also moving smart. GET READY TO BURN BABY, BURN!

Your body stores away the kilojoules we consume each day in two ways –

  1. as fast burning Glycogen (which is stored in the your liver and muscles), and
  2. as slow burning Fat (which is stored virtually everywhere else).

Although our body continues to burn kilojoules slowly throughout the night while sleep, when we get up in the morning the furnace cranks up and starts looking for energy to burn! The first stop is the quick and easy source – the Glycogen stored in the liver and muscles (there are about 1500-2000 calories available there). But once you eat something, your body has a new source to burn – food – and if you put more food in than your body can use, it puts the left overs back in the storage tank which if not used, over a period of time suddenly turns what used to be your baggy track pants into skin tight track pants….Oops!

But what if you could burn all that Glycogen early in the day and get your body to start burning its fat stores instead? YES PLEASE???? Well here you go….a moderate bit of exercise first thing in the morning (before eating) even just 8-10 minutes, will burn those glycogen stores, thus forcing your body into fat burning mode for most of the day….Woo Hoo!

The key here, is to control the amount of energy (calories) that you put in to your body. We don’t want to put in more than your body can use, and by folllowing my other Eat Smart Tips you should be able to control this quite easily! Eat Smart over a period of 10-12 hours a day, starting with breakfast (after your Wake Up Workout of course) and avoid the temptation to snack after dinner. This will let your body run on the energy source already stockpiled during the day.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. WAKE UP/WORKOUT for 8-10 minutes,
  2. EAT SMART for 10-12 hours during the day,
  3. MOVE & GROOVE for at least 30 minutes throughout the day (walk the dog, vacume the house, take a dance class – anything that moves you)

and before you know it you’ll be a LEAN, MEAN FAT BURNING MACHINE!

Fat Burning

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