Gravity Defying Fitness

At DEFY GRAVITY we think about fitness a little differently, and our mission is to inspire people to discover new ways to move their bodies!

Ways that are FUN, UNIQUE & ADDICTIVE!

We specialise in low-impact, high endurance, weightless training for people of ALL ages, sizes and fitness abilities – and are the only studio in Newcastle offering these totally one-of-a-kind classes!

We use 2 specialised pieces of equipment – the KO8 Suspension trainer and our Up-LiFT Bungee systems – and we are the ONLY studio in Australia offering this dual-style of fitness training.

Our instructors are UP-LIFT BUNGEE and KO8 SUSPENSION FITNESS specialists, as well as being experienced Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Functional Fitness professionals.

These unique, one of a kind classes will give you a very different TOTAL BODY workout experience and through detailed instruction and guidance, our EXCLUSIVE Bungee and Suspension fitness classes allow you to work SMARTER, workout HARDER than you ever imagined, burn some serious calories and get incredible results IN LESS TIME than any other workout – not to mention they’ll add a FUN twist to your workout routine!

Defy Gravity Fitness classes are FUN, EFFECTIVE & suitable for EVERY BODY!


BUNGEE FITNESS is the FUTURE of fitness when it comes to a well-rounded workout. that gets results and less injuries – and it will take you leaps and bounds closer to your fitness goals!

In short, Bungee fitness is a grounded aerial fitness system using a combination of functional and resistance training coupled with high-intensity cardio via the use of an overhead bungee band and harness. It’s a great way to put a spring in your step (literally) as the bungee reduces the load by about 50-70% of your body weight, yet challenges different aspects of your fitness all at once.

The benefits? Bungee Fitness will increase overall body strength, core stability, mobility, flexibility, balance and cardio endurance – and yet, is surprisingly low impact taking the pressure off the joints!

Who is it for? EVERYbody – if you have a body and are breathing, then Bungee Fitness is for YOU! It’s also a great exercise alternative for older adults (yes even those in their 80’s), people who are carrying too much weight, and those re-habilitating from an injury, who have arthritis, hip or knee problems.