I’ve learned the hard way that our business is only as healthy as we are!

We take on many roles – in our business, in our families and in our social life. We say yes to all sorts of requests and opportunities… BUT it’s important to remember that we are also the designer and CEO of our own life.  We need to pause often and check-in with ourselves to make sure what we have allowed into our life is there for the right reasons.

Your HEALth & HAPPYness matters…

Good health and wellbeing is not a destination! It’s a journey and a lifestyle, which includes a personal commitment to be moving toward the right end of the wellness spectrum.

We are HEALTHiest and HAPPYest when we claim ownership over our own state of mind, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress levels, so taking a HOLISTIC view of all these – including healthy, nutritious food choices, making physical exercise/fitness a priority,  and making time for self care/personal growth just makes sense!

Our quality of life – both now and in the future, is totally dependent on the multitude of seemingly unimportant choices we make NOW – every single day.



I  want to ENJOY whatever physical activity I do. I could go to the gym for the sake of working out, but if I feel intimated or uncomfortable setting foot in a gym, then I’m not going to walk out of there feeling good – and I definitely won’t be going back the next day. That’s the problem – for too long we have felt somehow obligated to go to the gym, or worse – that it’s the only answer!

So if I’m not into going to the gym people often ask, “how do you get fit?” and my answer is simple…do whatever it is that you ENJOY doing, that makes you HAPPY, and INSPIRES you to keep it up! That might be going to the gym, but it might also be surfing, paddle boarding, yoga, hiking, dancing, ballet, playing a team sport, tennis, skiing. In my case…anything involving dance or being upside down 🙂 In short…

Move your body in whatever way moves you! Just get MOVING!


  1. I believe in eating to FUEL and SUPPORT my body and mind, as well as nourish my soul.
  2. In making mindful/conscious choices when it comes to food, and
  3. That food is there to be enjoyed…but everything in moderation.

I have spent many years studying healthy, nutritious eating and I believe it’s important for people to understand more about the food they put in their mouths, so I’m all about sharing that knowledge with others – what are carbs, what are proteins, what’s the difference between good fats and bad fats, low GI and high GI foods!

For me, diet and nutrition is all about awareness and eating well to fuel and support my body.

You’ll find many of my favourite healthy recipes in the WHAT’S COOKING section of my blog.



One of THE most important lessons I have learned throughout my life is this, “Put your own Oxygen Mask on before trying to assist others,” or to put it another way, “you can’t serve from an empty vessel.”

When our own tanks are running on fumes (or empty) we have nothing left to offer others, so it makes sense to make our own Self-Care a priority. We have to be kind to ourselves! Check out my article: 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Love Yourself Silly.


I hope you find these tips helpful. I’d love to hear how they work for you, so drop a note in the comments below 🙂


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