You know how it goes – you work your butt off all year, and you’ve been HANGING OUT for the Christmas/New Year break! You make it through (JUST) and head home to enjoy the festivities, some relax time and re-charge the batteries – then all of a sudden out of nowhere…BAM! You’re knocked for six with some illness or other…

Yep, well that’s how my Christmas/New Year break panned out last year! I finished up at work on Friday, had all our plans laid out for the break – Christmas, New Years, daughter’s birthday, step son’s 40th birthday, things we wanted to do, places we wanted to go and people we wanted to see, but instead I ended up confined to the house for several weeks after waking up on the VERY.FIRST.DAMNED.MORNING with (wait for it)… SHINGLES! 🙁

For those of you who don’t know what Shingles is, it’s a form of the Chicken Pox virus that lies dormant in your body once you’ve had Chicken Pox (normally as a child). It sits there quietly, waiting to raise its ugly head at the most inopportune moment and bites you on the butt in a BIG way! It starts off as a bit of a rash, normally on one side of your stomach and back – a bit like a belt and the skin becomes quite numb. BUT deep down it’s attacking the nerve endings and the pain is quite unbelievable. I won’t share a photo of what it looks like because it’s really quite gross, but you can always Google it if you want to see for yourself.

Anyway, I headed off to the Doctors that first morning to get confirmation that it was in fact Shingles and was prescribed some pretty heavy duty medication and pain killers. Unfortunately for me though, I was not advised that longer term use of the heavy pain killers can also cause constipation and quite acute bloating! After about a week of taking all these drugs, yep, you guessed it – I copped them both! Now I’ve had bloating before, and it’s not fun – but I have NEVER had bloating like this! I honestly looked like I was 6 months pregnant. The pain was indescribable and I could barely move. Of course all this happened right on New Years Eve, so getting in to see a doctor was not a happening thing, and none of the options that the pharmacy offered were helping.

THEN I had a massive light bulb moment, and remembered one of the Essential Oils I had tucked away and never tried – DIGESTZEN! We dug it out and I looked up the oily information which said it can relieve bloating, aids in digestion etc etc. So with NOTHING to lose (except a whole lot of pain) and EVERYTHING to gain, I gave it a shot! 1 drop in a glass of water, and I rubbed 2 drops on my stomach with a little Fractionated Coconut Oil (just to be safe).


WELL THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING! Within 20 minutes I was burping and passing wind like a champion (much to my horror – but hey you get that), and the pain had virtually gone. Within a couple of hours the bloating was drastically reduced so now I only looked 3 months pregnant! I took a second dose and rubbed a bit more on the stomach the following morning (more burping & farting) and I kid you not – within 24 hours I was back to normal. UN.BELIEVABLE! Even my husband (who is the worlds biggest sceptic when it comes to oils at times) was going “Holy Shit, that stuff really worked”.

The moral of my story is this –

  1. Don’t take heavy duty pain killers any longer than absolutely necessary, AND
  2. ALWAYS have a bottle of DigestZen on hand! ALWAYS!!!

This magic little bottle now pretty much lives in my handbag, and has saved my bloated tummy’s life on more than one occasion. If you haven’t already tried it yourself, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You can thank me later 🙂

<3 Cherene x

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