How it Works / FAQ’s

We do things a little differently to other studios…

We like to keep it User Friendly and FLEXIBLE… for ALL of us – so keep reading to find out more 👇

Most other studios run on a purely casual basis and it’s 100% on YOU to remember to book your class/es every week – which often ends in frustration and disappointment when find your favourite class is already full!!! 😢

We understand how frustrating this can be to YOU (the client), so we’ve been working hard to come up with solutions to make our classes more accessible to more people! 👌

But First…

If you’re a first time student at Defy Gravity – you’ll need to get a few skills under your belt before jumping into our Small Group Classes, and we have a few options for you to do this!

  1. Try a Taster Class – or 3
  2. Dive into an Essentials mini-course
  3. Book a Private Lesson with one of our – OR
  4. Try out a 1-Off PLAY-SIP-DISCOVER Experience

Click here for the Beginners Info you need >>

From there…

Our Small Group classes run in 12 week blocks (terms), and there are 2 ways you can go –

1. By the Term

This means you book in for the whole 12 week term (same day/time each week) so you are GUARANTEED a spot in your favourite class with your favourite people EVERY week. This is the most cost effective way AND there’s still the flexibility to change classes if you get sick or can’t make one of your regular classes (scroll down for more on this).


2. A-la Casual

If totally casual is more your style, you simply purchase a Pre-Paid Casual Class Pass (1-Off, 6 Class or 12 Class). From there you can book into our Casual Saturday Classes OR any Mid-Week class where there is a vacancy. Totally Casual is obviously a tiny bit dearer, but is totally worth it if you just can’t commit to the same day/time every week.

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday classes can be booked 7 Days ahead, but Mid-Week classes can ONLY BE BOOKED 24 HOURS BEFORE!

What if you can’t make one of your classes?


Whether you go Term-to-Term or Totally Casual, if you can’t make your class due to illness or family emergency, you can cancel out of your normal class BY THE EARLY CANCEL CUT-OFF TIME and re-book another class at another time.

See all the Missed Class details and T&C’s here >>

What to Wear to Class

Missing Your Class

Where We Are

Timetables & Bookings

Other Frequently Asked questions…

Do you offer Try Out/Taster Classes?

We offer Taster places in a select range of classes! Check out our GET STARTED page for more info.

Alternatively, book a 1:1 Private Lesson or gather the girls for a Group Workshop to try it out. We’d love to see you.

Can I do Casual Classes?

We LOVE seeing our classes full, and we also appreciate that some people work shift work – so for this reason we offer both TERM-TO-TERM classes AND CASUAL CLASS PASSES.

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our instructors and other students, you must have experience in Bungee Fitness to attend a Bungee class, and Aerial Yoga experience to attend an Aerial class. We do not offer instruction to students with no/insufficient experience.

How do I book a class/es?

Start by going to the Timetables & Bookings page to select the class you would like to book. We recommend watching the short video at the top of the page to learn how to make a booking.

When you’re ready, click the BOOK NOW button to be taken to our MindBody Booking platform where you can create a Student Profile and book your classes.


  • You need to book into the same class (day/time) each week for the full 12 week term. If you are using the MindBody App, you will need to book into each week separately. If you are on your computer, please select Recurring Booking!
  • You can book online or over the phone – but as our classes are in HIGH DEMAND, we strongly recommend you book your place as early as possible, especially if your own availability is limited or you are coming with a group.
I’ve booked in. Is there anything else I need do before starting classes?

Once you book and pay for your classes, you will receive a class confirmation email. This contains a link to our Enrolment & Health form which we require all NEW students to complete and submit online before attending your first class.

What should I wear & bring to my classes?

Please wear long or 3/4 length leggings with a snug’ish fitting t-shirt. Nothing too big that you can get tangled up in. As we will be doing inversions, please wear a suitable sports bra or crop top, so as to avoid wardrobe malfunctions 😉 This is a barefoot class, so please wear socks or grip socks.

Visit the What to Wear page for more information >>

With Covid-19 still lurking around, please BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING – yoga mat, 2 small towels – and don’t forget a big bottle of water. We also keep bottled water in the fridge, so if you do happen to forget or run out, just ask! A 600ml bottle is just $1.00

Arriving for my classes

We ask that you arrive approx 5 minutes before your class is due to start. Please allow additional time for contingencies such as traffic, weather and parking. We do value the safety and experience of every student attending our classes and individually rig your bungee at the start of each session to your specific weight and height, so please ensure you arrive with plenty of time to get harnessed up and adjusted for your class! 

  • As classes run on a tight schedule, we will NOT hold starting a class waiting for late arrivals.
  • We do not admit late arrivals to classes that have already completed the warm up. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your class you will not be able to join in, and the session will be forfeited.
What is your refund policy?

We have a strict NO refunds, credits or transfers policy so please consider this before paying for classes, workshops or private sessions. If you miss a class or are unable to complete the term, we are unable to fill your spot once it has begun. To be fair to ALL students/clients, we have ONE rule for EVERYONE regardless of circumstances.

We courteously ask that you do not request a refund, credit or transfer to another person, as refusal often offends. Under extreme circumstances we MAY grant a transfer to a future term within 6 months of the original booking.

I can’t make one of my classes. What do I do?

We do not offer Make-Up Classes, BUT if you are genuinely sick or know in advance there’s a class you can’t get to, our Semi-Casual policy is the best thing ever! This allows you to cancel out of your regular class, and book into an alternative one where/if there are places available. This is a DIY ONLINE Service, ie we leave it to you to organise and manage your own class schedule.

It’s super simple to do. Just follow the instructions here >>

How many people are there in a class? Minimum & Maximum numbers…

Our group classes are small with a max of around 8 -10 people per class, and we require a 50% capacity for a class to to go ahead.

If by 2pm on the day of a class there is less than 50% attending, we reserve the right to cancel that class. We also reserve the right to cancel class in the event of an Instructor falling ill and a suitable substitute not being available to cover. In either event we will notify the students who were going to attend with as much notice as possible and provide alternative class options.

I’m pregnant! Can I still do these classes?

Firstly – CONGRATULATIONS – but sorry, we DO NOT recommend our Bungee or Aerial classes until after the baby has arrived – sorry!


As with any business, there are a few Terms & Conditions you need to be aware of. Please read these here >>

Do you have any other questions we haven’t covered here? Give Cherene a call to answer all your burning questions, or shoot through an email if that’s easier! Click here >>