How it Works / FAQ’s

They have a saying in Bali… “Good for you – Good for me!”

We LOVE this concept as it’s based on courtesy, mutual co-operation and creating Win/Wins all round! ♥️ We try to base our business and studio culture on the same philosophies, so read on to find out how it all works!


Some of our classes are “progressive” (ie. they’re either instructional or progressive based around fitness/ability), so we run our timetables in 8 weeks block which we call Terms/Seasons. Around 4 weeks before a new term starts, we release new timetables, but don’t worry – we try not to change them too much – but it does allow for us to tweak things as necessary and add additional classes to meet the needs of our growing community.

With the exception of Public Holidays, Christmas and a quick Mid-Year break (to re-charge the batteries), our classes operate all year round (even during school holidays).


You book your classes by the term (ie the 8 weeks)! As our class sizes are quite small (a max of 8 per class), they do book out quickly, so we recommend you book as early as possible, especially if your own availability is limited – and of course to avoid missing out on a spot in your favourite class/es.


If a class you would like to attend is already fully booked, you can still put your name on the Wait List! If someone else cancels out of the class, the Mindbody system will notify you BY EMAIL that a place has become available and you can jump in. You’ll just need to confirm that you wish to take that spot.


Can’t make it to one of your classes? No problem! We understand that life sometimes gets in the way, BUT we do urge all members to exercise courtesy and cancel out of the class if you can’t make it! This opens up your place so someone else can jump in, and you can book a make-up class on another day/time that suits anytime in the next 14 days.

For evening classes, the early cancel cut-off is MIDDAY on the same day, and for morning classes the cut-off is 6.00PM the evening before!

Just login to your Mindbody account (on your computer or mobile device), go to your Schedule and click Early Cancel. Easy as…

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: If you fail to show for a class, and HAVEN’T cancelled out at least 6 hours before, you will be forfeiting that class.


IF you cancel out of your regular class within the Early Cancel window, you will be entitled to make-up class within 14 days of the cancelled class. There is a max of 2 make-up classes per student per term and must be used by the end of the term in which the class/es were missed, otherwise they are considered forfeited. There are no rollovers of missed classes to a new term. Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy only and are subject to availability of a place in an alternative class. If there is no availability at a suitable time, the class will be forfeited. You will need to book your make-up class over the phone (online bookings are not available for make-ups).


Our group classes are capped at between 6 – 8 people per class (depending on what the class is), and require a minimum of 50% capacity (ie 3-4 participants) for a class to go ahead.

If by 3 hours before a class commences there is less than 50% capacity (ie 3-4 people), we reserve the right to cancel the class. We also reserve the right to cancel class in the event of an Instructor falling ill and a suitable substitute not being available to cover. In either event we will of course notify all students booked (with as much notice as possible) and you will be able to re-schedule an alternative class.


I’ve booked in. Is there anything else I need do before starting classes?

Other than book and pay for your classes, there is nothing else you need to do. You’re fine to just show up for your first class. There will be paperwork to complete at your first class, so please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes early. It is best to join from the beginning of the term if possible so you don’t miss out on anything.

How many classes a week do you recommend to get results and/or meet my goals?

As with any form of exercise, the more you do, the faster you’ll get there! We recommend 2-3 classes a week with a rest day in between where possible. If you’re just starting out with exercise, or recovering from an injury or illness, start off with 2 classes. If all you can manage is 1 class a week, don’t sweat it. You’ll still see results (it’ll just be a little slower) – but you’ll have a ton of fun doing it!

What should I wear for these classes?

Either full length or 3/4 Leggings or Bike Shorts is the best. Short shorts (like we wear for pole dancing) are not great for these classes – and just make sure whatever you wear is snug fitting so there are no wardrobe malfunctions during class.

On the top a singlet top or short sleeve t-shirt – and crop tops are totally acceptable in my classes (you’re going to get a bit sweaty).

Footwear – for Bungee classes you’ll be best off with some soft, flexible shoes (I love my Skechers). For Bungee Barre/Pilates, you can wear soft shoes OR grip socks… whichever you’re most comfortable with.

What else do I need to bring with me?

With Covid-19 still lurking around, please bring your own everything – yoga mat, a towel – and don’t forget a big bottle of water.

We also keep bottled water in the fridge, so if you do happen to forget or run out, just ask! A 600ml bottle is just $1.00

Do you offer Casual or Taster Classes?

We run Taster Classes once a month, for people wanting to “try out” a class on a 1 Off basis! As our group class sizes are quite small (and more often than not, fully booked), we do not offer casual places to not current studio members. If you are a current student, wanting to “top up your classes, this can be arranged directly through Cherene.

Are the classes instructional, or do we just follow along?

Some of our classes are progressive – ie. there is a curriculm that allows you to learn as you go… but in saying that, I ALWAYS give full instructions in classes and am there to assist you with anything you are not sure about. You will never be left to just try to work it out for youself.

I’m hooked! When and how can I book for the next term?

A few weeks before a new term starts, we release the timetables for the following term and open bookings. As our class sizes are quite small (max of 8 per class), we strongly urge you to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

I’m pregnant! Can I still do these classes?

Firstly – CONGRATULATIONS! If you get clearance from your doctor you can still participate in our Bungee Barre/Pilates style classes, but we DO NOT recommend any high impact or flying classes until after the baby has arrived – sorry!


As with any business, there are a few Terms & Conditions you need to be aware of. You can read these here >>

Do you have any other questions we haven’t covered here? Give Cherene a call to answer all your burning questions, or shoot through an email if that’s easier! Click here >>