Learn the FUNdamentals

Before joining our Small Group Classes as a regular, you need some skills, and all new students need to have completed AT LEAST a 4 Week Basics course or 2 x Private Lessons in their chosen style (Bungee or Aerial) –


You can take the fast track in our…

These comprehensive 90 minute workshop style sessions are your ticket straight into our group classes (you can skip the 4 Week Basics and Private Lessons). They are suitable for EVERY BODY – all ages, body types and fitness abilities! You’ll learn the FUNdamentals of Bungee fitness) and gain enough knowledge and skills to be able to get started straight away.

It’s called FUNdamentals for a reason! Not only will you learn about Bungee safety, and lots of crazy impressive moves – you’ll also have a ton of FUN doing it…and have a FIRST CLASS experience!

FUNdamentals Workshop Cost: $39 p/p

** You will also receive an exciting EXCLUSIVE OFFER after this class **


BUNGEE FUNdamentals – 1.30 – 3.00pm


Who are FUNdamentals Workshops for?

Anybody who wants to learn more about our classes – what we’re about, what we do etc. and hoping to become a regular student. This is your Express Pass straight into our Intermediate classes. Oh, and when we say “anybody” we mean ANY BODY! Ladies of ALL ages 18-80+. Ladies of all shapes and sizes – and of ANY fitness ability!

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety and comfort of our students, there is a MAXIMUM WEIGHT LIMIT of 100kg in both Bungee and Aerial classes. If you are over 100kg, DON’T STRESS! Please get in touch with Cherene to discuss the other options available to you. I’m here to help!

Here’s what a couple of ladies had to say about their FUNdamentals experience…

From Carra…

“I have just completed the Bungee FUNdamentals to test this new style of exercise. Well OMG this is totally awesome!!! The moves you learn and accomplish are amazingly mind blowing! What you can do attached to a bungee cord!!! Yes you do work up a sweat! If you don’t then you’re not enjoying it enough. This was sooo much fun, I really enjoyed my class and class mates. Cherene is a fantastic instructor & I highly recommend Defy Gravity Fitness. I give a rating 5 stars out of 5!!!”

And from Ange…
For all the times I’ve put this body through weird and wonderful experiences, this probably has been the most of both!
I’ve had a love/hate relationship with exercise for most of my adult life, not just because I’ve felt too heavy/short/weak/slow/unco to keep up with my peers, but I’ve generally felt like an alien amongst perceived sporty types because I just don’t get how people can be so *comfortable/confident* whilst moving around in the world.
In the latest of attempts at finding some kind of physical activity that is fun and encourages me to focus on what my body can do (as opposed to obsessing over what it cannot), I trialled a #bungeeFitness class with @defygravity.fitness earlier today. That’s me on the left, getting minor air in the midst of launching a high five at someone I’d only just met twenty or so minutes prior. To say I’m chuffed with this photo is an understatement!

FUNdamentals Workshops only run once a month, and PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED to 8 people per class. BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment.



BUNGEE FUNdamentals – 1.30 – 3.00pm


Think you’re TOO… [insert your own BS excuse here]

Think you’re too old, too unfit, too out of shape? Think you need to lose weight before you start, or that you’re not strong enough, not flexible enough, or couldn’t possibly do the things we do?

YEP! We’ve heard it all before! But THINK AGAIN my friend! Here’s a snap-shot of WHO our community actually are –

  • The average AGE is 48 y/old (ranging from early 20’s to mid 60’s)
  • The average WEIGHT is 80-90kg (ranging between 50 – 130kg).
  • Some are single, some are married, some are divorced.
  • Some are mums, some are grandmothers, some are daughters.
  • Some are career women, some are retired, some are domestic goddesses, some are a mix of all.
  • 90% told us their fitness level was low to non-existent when they started.
  • 90% wanted to get fitter, stronger and healthier.
  • 60% wanted to lose weight.
  • 40-50% wanted some stress relief.
  • 30% (approx) have creaky or dodgy knees, hips, backs etc – and
  • MOST wanted to find a FUN, LOW IMPACT way to get fit, and one that inspired and motivated them to stick with it.

So I’m pretty confident that YOU my friend will fit right in – like these ladies did 👇

Maddie – age 28
Louise – age 61
Joanne – age 49

Friendly Reminder! PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED to only 8 per class. Please BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment.



BUNGEE FUNdamentals – 1.30 – 3.00pm


Who are WE?

Created and founded by Cherene Thomas-Smith in 2020, the Defy Gravity team are a diverse bunch covering every decade. We’re in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. We are NOT all young, fit and skinny – we are all different body types and are NOT your stereo-typical gym, pilates, yoga instructors. We come from a broad range of backgrounds and interests. We each have our own “stories” of tears, triumphs and life experiences… but the one thing we all have in common is our passion for helping women like YOU get fit, strong, and find their FABulous, and proving to them that they CAN in fact do ANYTHING!

Now you know who WE are – we can’t wait to meet YOU!

BUNGEE FUNdamentals – 1.30 – 3.00pm