LGBTQIA+ Safe Space

The Defy Gravity community come from all walks of life but with a common goal…they want to get fit and feel fabulous. Getting fit means something different to every individual, whether it be to gain strength, lose weight, improve cardiovascular health or just have FUN – this is the place to do it! ZERO judgement, ZERO discrimination – 100% support!


We are not the only LGBTQIA safe fitness space in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Hunter Region, but we ARE one of a VERY RARE few. Defy Gravity isn’t specifically a queer studio, or LGBTQIA studio, but we do ensure EVERYone who joins our community is safe and supported. We have a zero-tolerance policy to any form of discrimination, phobia or hate – a policy managed & supported by our trainers and community alike.

We WELCOME a diverse group of PEOPLE joining us to Defy Gravity, Age, Limitation AND Discrimination!