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Unleash the power of KINET-iques and discover the true meaning of what it is to be fit and healthy at every age and stage of life!

What’s in a name

KINETIC (adjective) – 

  1. involving or producing movement
  2. active, lively, dynamic, energising

KINETIC ENERGY – energy associated with motion

KINET-ique – a dynamic and energising movement technique involving energy in motion

About the Technique

KINET-iques is a dynamic and highly effective training method aimed at total body strength, core conditioning, stretching and mobility using a series of gentle precise movements to develop a strong, toned body with the ability to move freely and with full range of motion.

NO special equipment is required – just a yoga mat, a towel, bottle of water, internet connection, and of course, YOU!

Who is KINET-iques for?

In a single word – EVERY BODY! Each decade has its own specific challenges and needs, and our programs address all ages and stages of life…

You’re in your 20’s or 30’s wanting to get fitter and healthier, lose weight or tone and sculpt,

You’re in your 40’s or 50’s and finding mid-life a little more challenging,

You’re in your 60’s or 70’s wanting to maintain a fit and active body for LIFE!

If you have a body you can move, KINET-iques is for YOU!

KINET-iques is particularly helpful for people who

  • have undergone weight loss surgery and need to start moving
  • have been advised to lose weight, but need something gentle and low/no impact
  • are coming back to exercise after some time off or an injury
  • are just getting started on their fitness journey and need direction
  • want to turn back the hands of time and adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • have joint problems and require a low/NO impact exercise program
  • want to learn how you can exercise safely and effectively at ANY age
  • are bored with the same boring old workouts at the gym, and looking for a change
  • want a more exclusive and premium level client experience than you’ll get in a gym
  • want the flexibility to workout WITH an experienced Instructor – anywhere, anytime!
These classes are delivered LIVE online via Zoom and require pre-booking and payment or a current online membership. A link to the live class will be sent to you via email a few hours before the start time and we recommend you have Zoom open ready to go 5 minutes before the start time. If you are unable to attend live at the time of the class, never fear – we’ll send you a link to the replay so you can enjoy the class at a time convenient to you.
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