LIVE Online & On-Demand

We’re living in UNusual times…

As Covid-19 hit, the world went into chaos and we all stayed at home in isolation! Suddenly our entire lives centred around one place – home. Suddenly things became more challenging. Our lives shifted to the online world for ALL THE THINGS – connecting with family and friends, shopping, working, learning – and of course fitness!

During Lockdown 1.0 we watched as PRE-RECORDED fitness classes became the new normal – and watched as face-to-face, and group interaction slipped away 😢, and it is from this that my passion to bring LIVE online classes became my mission!

Why am I SO damned passionate about LIVE Online Classes?

Because (as I touched on above) you just cannot beat

  • having a REAL PERSON teaching, guiding and explaining things to you during a class to ensure you are doing things correctly, safely and effectively!
  • RECEIVING FEED BACK from a real person in REAL TIME!
  • the SUPPORT of a real person standing in front of you cheering you on!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY that a real person provides!
  • the SOCIAL INTERACTION and COMMITMENT found in a group/class environment!

So what are you waiting for? Start where you are, do what you can, use what you’ve got. We MOVE, we DANCE, we PLAY, we LAUGH, we get FITTER, we get STRONGER, we get more FLEXIBLE… and we CHAT, we CONNECT and we create COMMUNITY… and NO ONE is left behind!

LIVE is the backbone of what we believe in & offer – whether it be In-Studio or Online!

We may not be able to do Bungee or Aerial classes, BUT we have lots of other ways you can get moving at home that are FUN and EFFECTIVE, and will help you maintain the strength and skills you’ve already developed, OR if you haven’t yet started our classes, are a great way to get you started.

Defy Gravity at Home

Our founder/creator, Cherene has over 16 years experience across a range of fitness styles including pole dance, aerial yoga, barre/pilates/yoga, suspension and functional fitness and stretch and mobility. Over the years she has developed her own unique training methods which are dynamic and highly effective, and aimed at total body strength, core conditioning, stretching and mobility. Many of her methods use a series of gentle precise movements to develop a strong, toned body with the ability to move freely and with full range of motion.

Who are these classes for?


  • Larger/Heavier bodies
  • Mature/Older bodies
  • Beginner bodies
  • ANY body

If you have a body you want to move then this is for YOU!

My online classes are particularly helpful for people who –

  • want to get MOVING – first timers and regular movers & groovers alike!
  • want to “turn back time” and adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • are bored with the same boring old workouts at the gym, and looking to change up their routine
  • want/need more FUN in their exercise routine
  • want the flexibility to workout from home or anywhere
  • people who are stuck at home in lockdown or quarantine

What you need to bring

No special equipment is required for theses classes – just a mat or towel to put down on the floor, a bottle of water, a bottle of wine or similar and something to pour it into 🍷 👌

What’s on?

About our Live Online Classes

Our “Workout Parties” (ie classes) are delivered LIVE online through our MindBody Virtual platform and require pre-booking and payment or a current online membership. A link to the live class will be sent to you via email a 1/2 hour before the start time and we recommend you have the class link open ready to go 5 minutes before the start time.

If you are unable to attend live at the time of the class, never fear – we’ll send you a link to the Encore Class so you can enjoy it at a time that suits you.