ALL bodies were made to move – at ANY age or stage! We’re here to show you how to GET Fit and STAY Fit – for Life!

Whether you are already a fitness fan, new to this type of exercise, or new to exercise all together, our Live Online classes, On-Demand library and 1:1 Training has an “AGE-PERFECT” exercise class/program designed to build a fitter, stronger, more confident YOU!

I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and along the way I’ve learned so much about why people succeed at getting and staying fit, healthy and happy – and why others don’t. I feel so blessed to now be able to put all that together into my new Online Studio.

My mission and goal is simple…
  • to have you feeling fitter, stronger, more energised and self confident
  • to empower you to become the BEST version of yourself ,
  • provide you with a safe space where we can be ourselves, and
  • help people all over the world, no matter how fit you are, to smash your goals and feel amazing.


My 6 Week Beginners Program is the perfect way to get started! I have designed it specifically for people like you to get you started (or RE-started) – whatever level of fitness you’re at! You’ll tune in for twice weekly LIVE workouts with Cherene, streamed exclusively through our Wellness Living web platform & app. All you have to do is show up, press Join Class and let Cherene guide you through the rest.

And because we are LIVE, I can offer modifications where needed, AND you will be working out with a small group of other people on the exact same journey as you, so be ready to make some new friends while we all get moving, fitter and healthier together!

Watch now to find out what to expect

Who is this program for?

People of ALL ages, sizes and abilities can benefit, but in particular those who have never really exercised much at all, those who are returning to exercise after a lengthy break, injury or illness, older adults, and ANYONE who lacks strength, mobility and flexibility.

My 6 Week Beginners Program includes 2 x LIVE Classes and 1 x LIVE Coaching & Q/A session with Cherene every week over the 6 weeks – check out the available class styles & times below.


There are NO Equipment classes as well as SOME Equipment options. If you wish to join a Bungee Pilates Bar class, you will need to purchase a Bungee Bar priced at just $79.


  • All classes are around 40-45 mins in total. We try to kick off at the appointed time, and always start with a warm up, followed by a 30 minute class, and wrap up with a 5-10 minute stretch and cool down.
  • Our LIVE Online classes are hosted on FitVID by Wellness Living. You will receive a link to the class via email and will need Zoom installed on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • If you can’t make it to the LIVE class that’s OK. As long as you are registered for the class, you will receive a REPLAY which will be available for 72 hours after the class finishes.


  1. Allow time to login a few minutes early so you can check your internet connection, video and sound before joining the class.
  2. You want to be able to see your Instructor clearly, so joining the class on an iPad, Laptop or connecting to your TV will give you a better view.
  3. Make sure you place your device so WE can see you too – both standing and when on the floor.


Tues 9.45 AMBUNGEE PILATES BARBungee/Pilates Bar
Tues 5.30 PMSWEAT, BURN, SCULPTChair & Yoga Mat
Tues 6.30 PMBEGINNERSChair & Yoga Mat
Thur 5.30 PMBUNGEE PILATES BARBungee/Pilates Bar
Thur 6.30PMSTRETCH, FLEX, FLOWJust You & a Yoga Mat
Fri 9.30 AMPOWER BARRE-PILATESChair & Yoga Mat
Fri 10.30 AMBEGINNERSChair & Yoga Mat

Whether you choose LIVE Online or On-Demand, we’ve got you covered with fun, upbeat and inspiring classes! We don’t just work out. We make fitness more like a party.