At Defy Gravity we know how to make fitness FUN and our studio is more of a fitness playground for women, than it is a gym or fitness studio! 

Our EXCLUSIVE recreational Bungee & Aerial small group training, personal training and fun experiences are innovative, effective & addictive, and will have you building strength, flexibility, mobility & confidence in ways that most other workouts simply cannot… PLUS you’ll have a ton of FUN doing it!!!

What’s so different about Defy Gravity Small Group Classes?

The team at Defy Gravity Fitness are experts in Bungee, Aerial and Suspension fitness and our small group training classes are unlike the generalised group classes found in gyms, dance/fitness studios and local community halls.

Our Small Group Training Classes are structured, instructional and progressive, and with small class numbers you will learn how to perform the different moves safely and effectively. Class sizes are capped at 8-10 people per class, and with the guidance of your Instructor we’ll target all 5 core elements of better health & fitness.

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