Our Team

We’re a diverse bunch, and we cover just about every generation – from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials). We come from a broad range of backgrounds and interests. We each have our own “stories” of tears, triumphs and life experiences… but the one thing we all have in common is our passion helping other women find their FABulous!

CHERENEFounder/Owner (She/Her)

Cherene has been Defying GRAVITY and AGE since 2004, when as a 42 y/o wife, mother and business woman she discovered Pole Dancing as a great way to get fit, strong and toned – not to mention do something a little, let’s say UNexpected for a woman of her age, and HAVE FUN doing it!

This new hobby turned her world upside down in more ways than one, and in late 2005 she and her daughter (Bailey) opened the first women’s Pole Dance/Fitness studio in Australia which was aimed at mainstream women looking for alternative ways to get fit, have fun and do something a little cheeky.

It didn’t stop at just Pole Dance though, it soon spread to Aerial Yoga/Fitness, Barre, Pilates, Suspension, Functional Fitness, Meditation, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching…and much more!

Now Cherene and her team bring ALL these things together in Defy Gravity Fitness, with their creative fitness and lifestyle solutions for busy women through our group classes and personal training in Bungee, Aerial, Suspension Fitness & Burlesque.

Meet the rest of the Defy Gravity team

HAMISH – Instructor & Personal Trainer (They/Them)

We love Hamish, and know you will too! Hamish is a multi-passionate, multi-skilled Bungee Instructor, a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, as well as Pole Dance and Aerial Arts enthusiast.

The youngest member of our team, Hamish is our Gen Y/Millennial Instructor, and teaches Bungee & Suspension classes from Beginners to Bungee FiT and MOVEstrong private workshops and parties

Hamish’s bubbly personality is totally infectious, and makes classes EPIC – and who knows what you’ll find yourself doing and achieving!

MELISSA – Instructor & Personal Trainer (She/Her)

Melissa comes from many years experience as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and discovered a passion for Bungee after attending just a couple of classes with Cherene.

Our Gen X Instructor, Melissa’s students love her fun, warm, motivating and supportive teaching style.

Melissa teaches Bungee and Suspension classes in Beginners and Intermediate levels, as well as being available to teach private workshops and parties.

BRONWEN – Bungee/Suspension Instructor (She/Her)

Bronwen comes from a diverse background in the fitness realm, with many years in Martial Arts, and 10 years in Pole Dance and Aerial.

She and her daughter learned some of their first pole moves, from Cherene, and went on to train as a Pole Dance/Fitness Instructor. Bronwen may be a Baby Boomer – but do not be deceived! When it comes to her own fitness and strength, she out moves people more than half her age!

Bronwen teaches Bungee and Suspension classes from Beginners through to Bungee FiT and MoveSTRONG, as well as private workshops and parties.

ANGE – Bungee Instructor (She/Her or They/Them)

Ange is a qualified Chef, serving member in the RAAF, and considering a career in Occupational Therapy. She’s also Stand-Up Comedian, Yoga enthusiast, and bloody whizz at Meal Prep.

Ange started her Bungee journey in our PLUS classes, and it only took one lesson with Cherene to declare she was “officially hooked”. So when the opportunity came up to train as a Defy Gravity instructor, she was the first to put her hand up and say “PICK ME”!

In classes she is funny as (we’ve nicknamed her the Queen of Scream), but always super supportive, and you can’t help but get swept up in her enthusiasm.

Ange is available for private parties and workshops, and will be teaching Bungee Plus classes in the very near future.