Private & Small Group Training

  • Want to ramp up your health and fitness routine to reach your goals a little quicker?
  • Making it to our general classes isn’t working for you and your schedule? – or
  • Maybe you just prefer a more exclusive client experience?

Cherene and the Defy Gravity team also offer 1:1 Personal Training and Private Group Training sessions on weekdays between 12 and 4.00pm. As specialists in LOW and NO IMPACT training, our PT & Private Group Training is perfect for women and men of ALL ages, sizes and abilities – even those with arthritis, joint problems, rehab’ing from injury etc.


What to expect!  We’ll start off with an initial consultation where we will discuss your medical history, as well as your health, fitness and weight loss goals. This consultation is designed to help me learn more about you, what you’re looking for in a personal trainer and how I can best help you. We’ll also go through a light exercise program to help me ascertain your current level of fitness which forms the foundation for the first program I will design for you.

How does it work? Each time you come in for your session, I will guide you through your exercise program in a fun and supportive way, focusing on your technique and helping you become familiar with your tailored fitness program.  As a Holistic Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coach/Mentor – Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching can be included in your program at no extra charge!

Our sessions will incorporate a mix of Bungee & Suspension fitness as well as Pilates, Barre, Flexibility and Mobility training, and I can provide guidance for exercising at home to supplement your in-studio personal training sessions, and a travel exercise program should you be heading off on holidays.


PRIVATE LESSON (Bungee, Aerial or Suspension)

  • 1-off Private Lesson – $ 80.00 (45 mins)

PRIVATE TRAINING (inclusive of Nutrition/Weight Loss Mentoring)

  • Initial Private Training Session (50-60 mins) – $100.00
  • 4 x Sessions – $300.00 (45 mins) | $200.00 (30 mins)
  • 8 x Sessions – $560.00 (45 mins) | $370.00 (30 mins)


If you have a group who would like to train together, we can arrange that! We require a minimum of 5 people (up to max 8) and 5 sessions booked and paid in advance.

You can choose the style of class you want – Bungee Fitness, Body Blast, Flexi-FiiT or a mix of these!

We offer a flat price for private group training, so the more people in your group, the less each person will pay. Nutrition & Weight Loss coaching is NOT included in group packages, but can be added for individuals in the group if required.

  • Private Group Training – $300 per session (6-8 people) – min 4 sessions
  • Nutrition/Weight Loss – $100.00 p/session (per person)


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