Defy Gravity PLUS

IS IT TIME FOR A CHANGE? Time for a Fitter, Healthier, more Confident YOU?

YES? But there’s a BUT…
✣ You always feel intimidated and judged walking into a gym or fitness class
✣ You’ve tried before – couldn’t stick to it, and are worried this time won’t be any different
✣ You don’t have the time to commit to multiple classes a week in a studio or gym
✣ You’re not sure WHERE or HOW to even get started

Let’s put those worries aside for a minute!

What if I told you we already have several ladies JUST LIKE YOU, who thought all those same things before they discovered Defy Gravity! Ladies who’ve been coming ONCE a week and have become fitter, stronger and more confident, AND they’ve stuck with it!

You have the power to transform your health, fitness & confidence & we’re here to help you do just that with Defy Gravity PLUS

Defy Gravity Team 2021

Who is PLUS for?

  • Anyone who is over 90kg (up to a max weight of 130kg)
  • Anyone who wants/needs and is committed to getting fitter, healthier and more energised – and HAVING FUN doing it!
  • Anyone who wants to get moving in a way that is safe, kind to the joints and motivational!
  • Anyone who wants to discover a new found SELF-CONFIDENCE!
  • Anyone who is over walking miles and miles, swimming laps or doing aqua aerobics, or spending countless hours in the gym on a treadmill – and STILL NOT getting the results they want!
  • Anyone who has tried the traditional gym or PT route – and hated every minute of it!!!!
  • Anyone who wants the support, accountability and a sense of community of other women on the same journey you are!

If you have reached the point where enough is enough, and you’re ready to step into the best version of YOU ever – then Defy Gravity PLUS is for you

PLUS is the perfect way to get a more personalised total body workout that’s going to –

  • burn some serious calories,
  • ramp up your metabolism,
  • get you moving,
  • build strong, lean muscles,
  • improve mobility, flexibility and balance,
  • increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • give you more energy…. and
  • reduce your stress levels

BUT – you won’t even feel like you’re “working out” as you bounce around, performing gravity defying moves you never dreamed possible, while laughing and having fun with an awesome group of women on the same journey, and with the same goals and motivation as you!

PLUS, you’ll

  • Be supported by instructors/trainers who know and understand how a larger body moves 
  • Exercise with strength, confidence and humour… and with ZERO intimidation or judgement.
  • Explore moving your body and discover (and celebrate) what it CAN do, rather than worry about what it can’t!

We love working with our Plus clients to help them get moving, discover that “exercise” does NOT have to be hard, boring, or a “dirty word” – and prove to them that no matter what type of body you’re in, we can ALL do incredible things if we’re just given the right skills, inspiration and a safe environment to HAVE A GO!

See what Sally had to say about her Bungee PLUS experience…

** Sally is now training as a Defy Gravity Instructor **

Ready to Take the Leap like Sally did?

We offer a range of classes suitable for our Plus ladies. Some are dedicated classes like Bungee PLUS, and others are Plus Friendly.

Bungee PLUS Program – 6 Weeks

In this 6 Week Program you will learn the essential skills you need to get started in these FUN, EFFECTIVE & ADDICTIVE classes. Discover your inner Superhero while you learn to fly, get stronger, fitter, more flexible, more energised and self-confident….not to mention reducing your stress levels (coz we all know that exercising, laughing and having fun are AWESOME for our mental health).


6 Week Program – Just $149


Our next 6 Week Bungee PLUS Intro program is starting SOON!

Choose your class & BOOK NOW!

TUESDAYS – 4.45pm3rd May to 7th JuneBOOK NOW
THURSDAYS – 6.15pm19th May to 23rd JuneBOOK NOW


PLUS Friendly Aerial Classes

Try out our Aerial BARRE/PILATES &/or Aerial YIN classes which are both suitable for our PLUS Students. No Aerial, Barre, Pilates or Yoga experience is required, so there’s nothing stopping you from jumping right in!


Get a 3 Class Discover Pass – Just $49


we’re offering you the chance to join our Winter Wellness Challenge at no extra cost when you join any 6 Week course in May/June

Find out more about the Winter Wellness Challenge here

What’s Included?

You’ll be taking 1 paid In-Studio Class or Private Lesson each week – and everyone joining the Challenge will also receive at no extra cost:

  • Our 6 Week Re-Boot Health & Wellness Guide full of nutrition, fitness & healthy lifestyle information, tips and recipes;
  • 2 x 1:1 Wellness Consults with Cherene where we can personalise a nutrition and fitness plan based on your individual needs;
  • 2 x 15-30 min Online at Home Classes designed to help tone your body and kickstart your metabolism and boost your energy levels;
  • Weekly Challenge Topic will be delivered by email each Sunday ready for the week ahead; and
  • You will also have Email & SMS Support from Cherene (Mon-Fri) for any questions, support and accountability during the Challenge.
The total of these extra’s is around $199 – and it’s all yours 100% FREE when you book & pay for any Bungee PLUS course during the Challenge period.

Here’s what Katrina has to say after a year of both Bungee & Aerial PLUS…

SO BLOODY PROUD OF THIS GIRL! Katrina has come SUCH a long way since her first class!


Get in Touch to arrange a friendly chat with me – Cherene