Power Classes Online

Our Power classes are all available in our ever growing ON-DEMAND Library and range from 15 – 40 minutes duration, so you’re bound to find a workout to suit you.


Exclusive to Defy Gravity Fitness, this class is a fusion of Functional Pilates, Classic Barre and Functional fitness to strengthen, tone and sculpt your body like never before.

The Bungee Power Bar creates a more challenging and dynamic workout by creating Bungee assistance and resistance as well as instability to engage more muscles than standard barre and pilates classes can.


This is my proven and highly effective training method to sculpt, tone, lift and transform your body in just weeks not months! 

Join me in this fast and effective 30-40 minute live stream class and discover the Power of the Barre for yourself. 

Equipment Required:A chair, table or kitchen bench that you hold onto for stability and balance. You’ll want a light hand weight (1kg is fine) OR if you don’t have one, a bottle of water or can out of the pantry will do.


Lengthen, strengthen and stretch every muscle, whilst also improving overall mobility in our Total Body Strength, Conditioning & Mobility class. This 30 min class is a fusion of bodyweight moves and of course long, luxurious and juicy stretching.  You’ll leave the class feeling strong, toned, flexy & invigorated.

What you need

Very little special equipment is required for theses classes – just a mat or towel to put down on the floor, a bottle of water – and an Internet Connection. Oh – and feel free to bring your beverage of choice to Friday “Stretch & Sip” 🍷

How it works

Our On-Demand Library is available 24/7, and contains at home classes and workouts from 15 – 45 minutes in duration.

Plans and Pricing