Taking the work OUT and putting the FUN back in your REHAB

DEFY GRAVITY’s Bungee and Aerial Private Rehab Training helps people of all ages who suffer from debilitating disorders (eg Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy etc) and those recovering from sports injuries and surgical procedures. People have less pain and can-do things they could not do before starting a motion-based bungee exercise program. 

One of the biggest challenges in physical therapy is to help the person exercise without stressing the body further. Now there is a way… Defy Gravity Rehab fitness training helps muscles stretch and contract without pain, and no added pressure on the joints.  It gets the lymphatic system moving efficiently and blood pumping throughout the body and flowing to the brain.  

With DEFY GRAVITY’s Bungee & Aerial Rehab training our clients can perform moves they never could before- do more reps and easily perform horizontal moves that reach muscle groups vertical (weight lifting) training does not reach, giving them optimal therapeutic results. In short, It allows you to exercise all muscle groups without gravity-based restrictions.

Our specialised trainers and PT’s will work with you and your rehab/healthcare professional (Physio, Osteo, Exercise Physiologist etc) to customise a Bungee and/or Aerial Hammock training program to suit your individual goals and needs and will put the FUN back in your rehab.

We are NOT a registered NDIS Provider – but we are NDIS FRIENDLY!

If you think Bungee Fitness training may be a great option for you and you are a Self-Managed NDIS Client we will require you to pay for your appointments at the time of booking and we will generate an invoice for you to seek reimbursement through NDIS. 

GET IN TOUCH to chat about your needs and see if we can put some FUN into YOUR Rehab!