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About Defy Gravity

For over 15 years, Cherene has been both a studio owner and instructor in Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga, Barre, Pilates & Suspension Fitness. She co-founded Pol-arise Fitness & Dance with her daughter back in 2005 and they opened their second studio in Newcastle in 2006. Pol-arise continues today at their new (larger) studio in Hamilton.

Following a family tragedy, Cherene stepped away from the Pol-arise business in 2016, but got itchy feet again, and drawing on her many years of fitness, health and wellness experience, has now launched DEFY GRAVITY FITNESS.

About the Studio

Our boutique studio in the heart of Newcastle is so much more than just a workout space! This gorgeous Art Deco style studio is in a gorgeous old building located in the Hunter Street Mall. My daughter and I took on this old run down space back in 2005, and turned it into the wonderfully private studio space it is today.

Now here we are 15 years later and I’ve taken over my old Pol-arise Fitness & Dance studio. which is still fitted out with our original dance poles. It is perfect for this new fitness venture, and I’m so excited to be moving back in 🙂

You’ll find it just near the corner of Newcomen Street. You’ll find the entry door right next to Subway. Walk up the hallway, and come up the stairs to the 1st Floor.

The Classes & Private Lessons

These fun, one-of-a-kind classes are unlike anything you have ever experienced before and will give you a very different TOTAL BODY training experience. Through detailed instruction and guidance, Cherene’s DEFY GRAVITY FITNESS methods fuses her many years of experience in Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga, Barre, Pilates & Suspension Fitness into her EXCLUSIVE new Bungee and Suspension based fitness method.

DEFY GRAVITY classes are perfect for EVERY BODY no matter where you’re starting from! Women of ALL ages, sizes and fitness abilities are encouraged to join the MOVEment!

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Nutrition, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coaching

Her own health and weight loss journey in 2011/12 inspired Cherene to become a Holistic Nutrition, Health and Wellness Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. She is also experienced in Nutrition, Sports and Herbal Supplements as well as Meditation and Mindfulness.

Cherene offers personal 1:1 Nutrition, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coaching as well as Health & Wellness Challenges throughout the year.

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