You know how it goes….

  • You wake up in the morning, and there it is. Ribbit!
  • You pour your morning coffee, and there it is looking at you. Ribbit!
  • As you’re working and glance at the clock, there it is looking back at you. Ribbit!

It’s that task or project on your To Do List that you just don’t want to do. You know you’ve got to do it, but instead you put it off. Maybe you’ll feel like doing it later. Seriously? You and I both know that you won’t!

Getting it done first thing in the morning assures you that, if nothing else, you complete that one thing for the day. Leaving it hanging there may make it such that you don’t get anything else done from worrying about it. There’s also this: getting those things done first thing in the morning often provides additional motivation to complete a lot of other things that day. After all, if you’ve already swallowed a couple of frogs, can the day really get any worse?

The quote is from Mark Twain and went on to form the basis for the book “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy. The philosophy behind it is that if you just do the one task that you have been procrastinating about, or the worst task on your To Do List for the day, then all tasks after that won’t seem as bad.  It is a strong idea to help you stop procrastinating.

If you have two frogs on your plate for the day you should eat the uglier one first.  That way the second one won’t seem quite as bad.  Translated that means – do your hardest task first, the one you have been putting off the longest, and then the other task or tasks will not seem as bad.

Another spin off of the original quote that Tracy states is that the longer you sit and look at the frog, the harder and harder it will be to actually eat the frog.  So the best idea would be to just eat it as fast as you can, or in Tracy’s analogy, tackle your worst task get it over with.

Have you got a frog on your plate at the moment? You know what to do 😉

Bon Appetite 🙂


~ Cherene x

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