Bungee/Suspension Fitness – what the???

The term "bungee" automatically conjures up visions of dare devils jumping off tall bridges and swinging upside down by your ankles. But rest assured, none of that is involved in a Bungee workout...daredevils, you'll have to get your thrills elsewhere. If you've ever dreamed of flying, leaping, and dancing in the air, or working in harmony with the forces … Continue reading Bungee/Suspension Fitness – what the???

Health & Wellness – for Business Owners

I’ve learned the hard way that our business is only as healthy as we are! We take on many roles – in our business, in our families and in our social life. We say yes to all sorts of requests and opportunities… BUT it’s important to remember that we are also the designer and CEO of our … Continue reading Health & Wellness – for Business Owners

Make Things Happen

If you're ready to get started on your fitness and/or weight loss journey NOW - and get the right results, then maybe some personal 1-to-1 sessions is the way to go. I offer 8 week personal programs to a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure you have my full attention. We'll have an … Continue reading Make Things Happen

Eat Smart – Tip #7

This is the final tip of Eat Smart week - and Tip #7 is not just about eating smart, but also moving smart. GET READY TO BURN BABY, BURN! Your body stores away the kilojoules we consume each day in two ways - as fast burning Glycogen (which is stored in the your liver and muscles), and as slow … Continue reading Eat Smart – Tip #7

Where did my Mojo go-go?

What? No one told you when you were 21 and throwing back Vodka Red Bulls, taking recreational drugs, smoking cigarettes and eating kebabs at 2am, that when it all catches up with you the results can be frightening - weight gain, a sluggish metabolism, skin problems and fatigue? Add this to the fast paced, stress … Continue reading Where did my Mojo go-go?