Teen Classes

Everyone needs an escape to the pressures of everyday life and Teenagers are no different. Aerials is a dynamic and exciting way to express your creativity and individuality and is the perfect environment to take a pause between the hectic worlds of school, friends, studying and social life. It’s not only a great way to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, Aerials also build strength, flexibility and promotes a positive relationship with your body. It improves concentration and is a great stress relief whilst focusing on enhancing basic movement skills.

Bungee Fitness (14-16 yrs)

Attached to a Bungee Cord & Harness, the bungee takes 60-80% of your bodyweight enabling you to fly through the air and perform moves you might not normally be able to do. These classes are LOW Impact, moderate to high intensity, and incorporate a range of moves to help improve overall body strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility.

Class sizes are small (max of 8 per class) and are structured, instructional and progressive.



Aerial Yoga Fitness (14-16 yrs)

Incorporating elements from traditional aerial yoga and aerial arts, our Aerial Fusion classes provides a whole body workout sure to develop your flexibility, release muscular tension and provide greater mobility and agility, while also having fun and realigning you from the compression of gravity!



About Our Classes

Our Teen Classes are currently held on Saturday mornings, and run through School Terms (generally 10 Weeks). Term fees are paid in full at the time of booking.

For safety reasons we ask that parents wait in our cosy reception area whilst classes are taking place.

Once your Teen is registered and paid, they have taken up a place in the class. As class sizes are strictly limited there are no make up classes offered should they not attend their regular class.