What Others Are Saying

Love Letters from others who have worked with me…

Heart & Soul Centred Business

Tina G ~ Your Happy Temple

Thank you Cherene for helping me get clarity, direction and focus with my passion and business. I have followed numerous business coaches over the years and heard plenty about having a vision and mission and knowing your ideal client. It all seemed so “formal” and I’ve really struggled to find the right method for doing this to fit me and my business. Hence I’ve put off writing a mission and vision and even struggled to really hone in on my ideal client.

But yet a few hours with you, your heart centred teachings and step by step guide to creating a vision, mission, purpose and identifying my ideal client and wow not only did I identify my ideal client but I now have 4 pages of information on her and am crafting a highly focused mission, vision and purpose. The clarity and focus I now have in my business is so inspiring and I’m so ready to connect with my ideal client. Thank you Cherene, you have helped me open up a whole new world for my business.

FOLLOW UP ~ from Tina

Cherene, I love you! 🙂 I just got off the phone from talking to my first Tanya. OMG !! I am blown away, she is literally my ideal client to a tee. Exactly how I described her. She is booked in and ready to go. It’s been such a great day, 2 clients booked in today. YES! Clarity is everything! Thank you Cherene and thank you universe!!

Natalie C ~ Corporate Life & Wellness Coaching for Women

I have spent countless hours and costly exercises in getting logos done, domains registered and hosted and undertaken expensive and lengthy “marketing” courses only to find that I often miss the mark on identifying and targeting my ideal client and demographic. In her practical Passion Project business course, Cherene clearly showed me a practical and effective roadmap to my Mission, Vision and Purpose, How to specifically identify and get-to-know my Ideal Client, How to create and present effectively a unique and appealing Elevator Pitch & Presentations and How to develop a winning Social Media content plan.

I can’t thank Cherene enough for helping me and coaching me in practical ways (shoulder to shoulder) through a Course Correct in my business and putting me back on track.

Wendy B ~ A Maze in Life Counselling for Women

I have been to a few business start up seminars/workshops and as a counsellor have not found one that I felt fitted with my ethos. They were very sales based, find your unique selling point, find your ideal client and push your services as much as you can. I am not a sales person and to date, not one could tell me HOW to develop my mission statement or ideal client, let alone guide me a business plan that sat well with my beliefs. That all changed with Cherene’s Passion Project business coaching!

For the first time I received practical tools and tips on what questions to ask myself in order to be able to develop my mission statement and my ideal client. Thanks to Cherene I now have a clear focus on what I am doing, why I am doing it and which client area I want to focus on. This is all delivered in relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a truly passionate and inspiring lady.