The key to successful weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is???? ORGANISATION!

Every Friday my husband (Graham) and I plan our meals and workouts for the following week. Yes, we both follow the same principles about food, although the way we choose to exercise are quite different. For some reason he’s never quite embraced pole dancing himself 😉

I get the planning out of the way on Friday and either head out to the grocery store or hop online and have it delivered so it’s all there over the weekend.

This is where the ORGANISATION kicks in. I pack everything I can into Grab & Go bags so there’s NO EXCUSES for not eating properly during the week.

The reason why I plan meals and workouts together, is that what and when I/we eat depends on when and the type of exercise we’re doing. Our “Foodstyle” as I call it is high protein, high fibre and low Gi, and we both use protein and pre-workout supplements according to our workout plan to give us the extra energy for the workout AND to aid in muscle recovery afterwards.

We still like to have some flexibility in our meal choices though, and what works for us is to decide that Monday night will be Beef, Tuesday will be Chicken etc etc. Then we can decide on the day what we actually feel like doing with it. For this reason I have 5 or 6 meal suggestions at the bottom of the page to make deciding a little simpler.

Here’s how our planner ends up looking…

Weekly Meal Planner copy

I’m not trying to lose weight, but I DO want to maintain my weight and keep my body fat in check. If you were trying to lose a lot of weight there are some things on my meal planner that you probably would not include in your own until you have reached your goal weight. You’ll also notice that a lot of meals on Saturday says “Whatever” – and that there is no Sunday plan at all. This is because we allow ourselves to enjoy whatever we like on weekends.

We believe in the 80/20 Theory which means we eat right 80% of the time and the other 20% we can eat whatever we like. In saying that however 9 times out of 10 our “WHATEVERS” normally lean more towards the healthier options as this is just what we prefer….but I still can’t help myself if there’s a Black Forest Cake or Rum & Raisin Ice cream floating around in front of me, and you shouldn’t either 🙂