Defy Gravity Fitness are specialists in Bungee, Aerial and Suspension fitness, and our small group training classes are unlike the group classes normally found in gyms, dance/fitness studios and local community halls.

What’s so different between Defy Gravity fitness classes and standard Gym Style training and classes?

Although general Group Fitness classes and Small Group Training classes appear to be similar on the surface, there is in fact some very significant differences in the quality of each program. Let’s take a look at the main differences between them.

General Group Fitness classes -v- Small Group Training classes.

General Group Fitness and Dance/Fitness classes (think Les Mills, Zumba etc) are specifically designed for ANYone to jump in and try to follow along . Class sizes range between 10 and 50 people per class, and the Group Exercise Instructors give general recommendations, but are not there to assist or correct individuals. This could mean you may be performing a move incorrectly, that could lead to pain and/or injury. 

Defy Gravity’s Small Group Training Classes are structured, instructional and progressive. With MUCH smaller class numbers you will learn how to perform the different moves safely and effectively, and have the 1:1 attention and assistance of your Instructor who is also a Personal Trainer and/or Certified Specialist Instructor.

Our class sizes are capped at 8-10 people per class, so we KNOW everyone in our class. We NOTICE when you don’t show up. We CHEER when you finally acieve that move you’ve been working on. We LAUGH with you… and we pride ourselves on delivering FUN, high-quality classes that energise and transform the lives of our students.

With the assistance and guidance of your Instructor we’ll target the 5 core elements of overall health & fitness:

Cardio/Aerobic Training

Strength Training

Core Strength & Conditioning

Balance & Stability Training

Stretching, Flexibility & Mobility

Of course there are Pro’s and Con’s to both styles of program, but to be honest it really comes down to 2 things – QUALITY OF THE CLASS and COST PER CLASS.

The price point of a more intimate Small Group Training class is more affordable than a 1:1 Personal Training session, while still ensuring 1:1 attention and a high quality class, but is obviously a little higher than general group classes with up to 50 in a class and zero attention or instruction.

You know the old saying…

“You get what you pay for….”

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