The ELLEvated Woman


The ELLEvated woman has the whole world in her hands!

We’ve all seen her! We’ve all wished we could be her! She walks down the street or into a meeting, with her head held high, shoulders back, and a self confidence in her step that we  envy.  She has an air about her that is undeniably attractive, yet has nothing to do with looks! She knows herself well, and is perfectly comfortable in her own skin!

Others remark about her strength and confidence – but if you really think about it, what does SHE have that WE (apparently) don’t?  What is it that SHE does that makes us see her as an “empowered woman” – a woman who clearly has her shit together and the world in her hands?

Truth be told – empowerment is not something you have or don’t have! It’s a moment-to-moment journey that rests on every decision we make. When we start MAKING informed decisions from a place of inner-strength and knowing, then ACTING on these decisions, we immediately start CREATING a better life….a more ELLEvated Life!

WHO is this woman – REALLY?

1.  She takes responsibility for her own life

She knows that to own your power, you have to own your shit! She is continually healing, learning, growing and evolving, and remains a work in progress.

2.  She make her own rules 

She is the author of her own life! When we let go of old wounds, patterns and self limiting beliefs, we open up space for who/what we want to be and create in the world.

3. She honours herself and her body

She makes positive and informed choices around the food she eats, moving her body, getting plenty of rest, limiting toxins in her environment, time for self care and having fun.

4. She lives by her own inner compass

She listens to, and acts on her inner knowing – her body, mind and spirit. She trusts her own intuition and understands what it feels like when something feels right and when something doesn’t. She listens to the subtle whispers of her own inner voice, and knows that they know what’s up.

5.  She values her “Not Negotiables”

She values her own passions so much, she has structured her life around them knowing that she is worthy of living an inspired and nourishing life. This applies to her relationships, work/career, hobbies etc. It is her “not negotiable”.

6. She chooses empowering relationships

She surrounds herself with high-quality people. People who see her for who she is, and who love and support her. Who bring out her best qualities and support her dreams.

7. She stands for what she believes in

She know WHO she is and WHAT she stands for – and so does everyone else! She is not a victim of circumstance and takes a stand for what she believes most strongly in. She embodies her message and is a living testament to her belief/cause.

8. She empowers other women

She is in competition with no one, and know that another woman’s beauty or success is no threat to her. She lifts other women up to help them discover their fullest potential and supports and nurtures others as only a woman can. “When women come together, incredible things happen”.