A lot of people ask me what I eat, how I lost 20kg (about 40% of my body weight) AND MAINTAINED IT FOR 2 YEARS!

So here’s the secret (and it’s not really rocket science). I eat to FUEL MY BODY, I eat to NOURISH MY BODY, and I eat to BUILD LEAN MUSCLE….and it works for MOST PEOPLE! A balanced healthy diet that is high Protein, high Fibre and low GI. It keeps my body running efficiently all day/every day, gives me prolonged energy, prevents that mid afternoon slump, builds lean muscle and is a Fat Burning Machine 24/7 – oh, and I drink WATER…LOTS of water (about 2- 2.5 litres a day) 🙂

Of course my meals vary from day to day, and like most people, I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen slaving away over special meals. Very rarely will you find me spending more than 10-15 minutes preparing food during the week. It’s all in the planning 😉

So here’s a look at what’s on MY plate today! I think you’ll notice that I definitely don’t starve – and I miss out on NOTHING…yep there’s even a glass of wine with dinner.

6.30am – On getting up          250-300ml Water followed by my morning Expresso Coffee (with Lactose Free Milk)

7.30am – Breakfast                Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Spinach on wholegrain toast and a SexyBack Smoothie

10.00am – Morning Tea         Chocolate Protein Shake (made with Coconut Water & fresh Strawberries) and a Banana

12.30pm – Lunch                   Rockin’ Chicken Ranch Salad and 300ml Water

2.30/3.00pm – Snack             Cheese & Bickies (x4) and 250-300ml Water

4.00pm – Afternoon Tea        Herbal Tea and a Mandarin * if I’m working out later in the day I’ll have a Protein Shake instead of Tea

6.30pm – Dinner                    Lamb Souvlaki with Greek Yoghurt and a Salad (with a glass of low alcohol white wine mixed 50/50  with water)

8.00/8.30pm – Snack            Low Fat Yoghurt with Berries (if I’m feeling snacky)

I’m a big fan of the 80/20 theory (find out more about this in my book Learn Your Body | Earn Your Body) and this allows me to enjoy food without feeling deprived. Trust me when I say I LOOOOOVE my food. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night so hungry I could eat my own leg off. I really do love my food – and the more you eat, the more you stand to lose (when it’s the right food)! I also have my water bottle with me ALL the time, which I sip on between meals/snacks throughout the day.

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Until next ladies ~ bon appetite!

Cherene x


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