What? No one told you when you were 21 and throwing back Vodka Red Bulls, taking recreational drugs, smoking cigarettes and eating kebabs at 2am, that when it all catches up with you the results can be frightening – weight gain, a sluggish metabolism, skin problems and fatigue?

Add this to the fast paced, stress filled world that we live in today, the thought of a quick-fix is certainly an appealing one, and there are plenty of products on the market that promise to “clean out” your system in two weeks, give you more energy and improve the function of the kidneys, liver, bowel and stomach…but all they’ll probably clean out is your wallet, and do very little for your body.

My recommendation if you truly want to get your Mojo back is get to know a few important factors about how your hormones and your body work together – and my Body Makeover Project is going to do just that! Participants will learn the basics of how their hormones and body work together, all sorts of interesting facts about good nutrition, fitness and the importance of balance in our lives.


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