For years, medical experts have observed and confirmed that residents of Mediterranean countries have much lower cases of obesity, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases than people in the United States and other European countries. After much observation and research, scientists have traced this phenomenon to their diet difference.

My new e-Book “Guide to The Mediterranean Diet will help you to understand the Mediterranean Diet, how to start following it, its health benefits, how to follow the diet while eating out, and some traditional Mediterranean foods to try.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The general perception is that people that live in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea live longer than others, and they have less occurrence of cardiovascular ailments and cancer. The not-so-surprising secret about this is their lifestyle and diet that includes low saturated fat, sugar, red meat, a high intake of nuts, and other healthy meals.

But it’s not right to think that there is “a” Mediterranean diet since Italians eat differently from the French, who eat differently from Spanish and Greeks. However, their nutrient pattern and principle are very similar.

A true Mediterranean diet is based on traditional fruits, beans, dairy, seafood, nuts, and olive oil that are found in the region, combined with a glass a wine. This was the pattern of the feeding of Greeks and other Mediterranean countries that made their life expectancy rate one of the highest in the world, even with a limited supply of medical services.

As you’ve probably heard, the Mediterranean Diet offers a host of benefits, which includes cancer prevention, diabetes control and prevention, weight loss, heart, and brain health. By adhering to the content of this eBook, you could reduce your weight and maintain a healthy body.

The Mediterranean diet is a diet that is very popular for its health benefits. A publication by the U.S. News & World Report ranked the Mediterranean diet as the best diet in its top 41 diets. It ranked high on that list mainly because of its health benefits. But what makes the Mediterranean Diet so treasured? Let’s take a brief look at just SOME of the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN benefits –

  1. Reduced risk of Cardiovascular disease
  2. Boosts Cognitive Function
  3. Can help with Anxiety and Depression
  4. Stabilises Blood Sugar levels
  5. Helps with Weight Management
  6. Its good for Gut Health
  7. It is linked to increased Longevity

It is also considered one of the easiest dietary patterns to follow long-term due to its flexibility and the accessibility of the characteristic foods, so many people could find the Mediterranean diet to be an effective strategy to help manage weight and improve health.

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