Today I’m going to share a personal experience with you – and one which I hope will make many of you re-think your own diet – and when I say diet, I do not mean the weight loss kind, I mean what you eat whether you are trying to lose weight or not!

A little background information first! About a month ago, my husband fell ill. He was feeling generally unwell – a little nauseous, diarrhoea, stomach cramps….typical Gastroenteritis type symptoms. Over the coming days, the symptoms continued to get worse. By day 3 he was in considerable pain, developed sweats and chills, dizziness – he even fainted a couple of times due to low blood pressure. 4 days in and I took him to the Emergency Department at our local hospital where we spent 5 hours having him checked over for everything from a Hernia to Gastro and everything in between. They ran blood and urine tests and af the end of it all, decided he just had a particularly nasty Gastro bug and he should go home and rest, drink plenty of fluids….all the usual stuff.

The following morning he was in the worst pain I’ve ever seen anyone in. The sweats and chills were back, he couldn’t move and was screaming in pain. That’s when I rang 000 (the emergency number in Australia). The Paramedics arrived and gave him Morphine and rushed back to hospital where they did more tests (mostly the same ones again), poked and prodded him all over and put him on a drip while we waited for test results to come back. This time they decided it could be Peritonitis or Giardia or Cryptosporidium (a parasitic infection) so gave him an antibiotic tablet (just in case). The tests showed nothing, and once again he was sent home with a suspected case of Gastroenteritis and was told he should feel better within 48-72 hours.

Over the next two weeks he went up and down – some reasonable days, and others when he was really ill. He was hardly eating anything, had no energy and still felt like crap! Finally we went back to our local GP. If this was just a Gastro bug, it was the worst one I’d ever seen – and if he’s had it for 3 weeks, then how come I haven’t come down with it as well? I normally catch everything like this!

The doctor poked and prodded, listened to our tale and immediately sent him for more blood tests and a CT Scan. She felt that is was more than likely Acute  Pancreatitis(inflammation of the Pancreas). So off we went for more tests and playing the waiting game for the results (48 hours).

Within half an hour of leaving from having the CT Scan, the doctor called. The scans had shown a 5cm Cyst in his abdomen (bigger than a golf ball) which was caused by Diverticulitis (pronounced  di-vur-tik-u-LI-tis). Suddenly this was serious…but at least we had an answer!

Look out for Part 2 of this post – Low Fibre and Diverticulitis

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