Winter Wellness Challenge

Welcome to our 2022 Winter Wellness Challenge

The last 2 years have been tough, and so many of us have had our world turned upside down throughout the pandemic – staying at home, unable to see family and friends, extra stress, trying to work from home while home-schooling the kids – not to mention the extra Covid kilos, pandemic fatigue, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, burnout…you name it! So we thought NOW was the perfect time for a little Winter Wellness Challenge!

If you have reached the point where enough is enough THIS is for you!

Winter is the PERFECT time to get in the best shape of your life!

The weather is cooler and therefore so much easier to get your body moving without the heat and humidity of Summer! It’s also the perfect time to start creating healthier new habits, and rather than putting weight on over the cooler months – actually maintaining or even losing the extra weight.

Over the 6 Weeks of this Challenge we’ll be targeting a different area of Health, Fitness and Wellness each week – eg. Week 1 is all about Breakfast. That’s all you’ve got to do! Commit to HAVING BREAKFAST every day. In Week 2 we’ll build on that with another key area to focus on – and so on for the 6 Weeks of the Challenge.


Who is it for?

The Winter Wellness Challenge is open to all Defy Gravity students and private clients who are committed to getting a head start to being fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident AND are prepared to attend ONE (1) paid for in-studio class or private session per week during the Challenge!

What’s Included?

You’ll be taking 1 paid In-Studio Class or Private Lesson each week – and everyone joining the Challenge will also receive at no extra cost:

  • Our 6 Week Re-Boot Health & Wellness Guide full of nutrition, fitness & healthy lifestyle information, tips and recipes;
  • 2 x 1:1 Wellness Consults with Cherene where we can personalise a nutrition and fitness plan based on your individual needs;
  • 2 x 15-30 min Online at Home Classes designed to help tone your body and kickstart your metabolism and boost your energy levels;
  • Weekly Challenge Topic will be delivered by email each Sunday ready for the week ahead; and
  • You will also have Email & SMS Support from Cherene (Mon-Fri) for any questions, support and accountability during the Challenge.
The total of these extra’s is around $199 – and it’s 100% FREE when you book & pay for any Bungee PLUS or Bungee ESSENTIALS course during the Challenge period.

We believe that the best changes we can make are quite often the little ones. The little things we do every day and week, and building upon them is what ultimately creates real and lasting change and that’s what this Challenge is all about. Starting and building on some healthier new habits including MOVING, FUELLING and LOOKING AFTER your body and mind!


There is no reporting your results, there are no Before & After photo’s (unless YOU choose to). There are no winners or losers. There are no set goals to reach. This is YOU -v- YOU! You can get as much or little out of it as YOU choose, and only YOU know how much effort you put into it – but support and accountability are at hand if/when you need it!

The TOTAL VALUE of this 6 Week Challenge package is nearly $350, but you’ll ONLY PAY FOR YOUR CLASSES at the discounted price of $149. That’s 60% OFF, saving you $212!